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Source: ABC News

White House rejects House Democrats' request for Trump-Putin communications

Today 07:00 GMT

The White House rejected a request from Congressional Democrats for a slew of documents related to President Donald Trump's phone calls and meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Last year Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee blocked a move by Democrats to subpoena the State Department translator in the room during Trump and Putin’s private meeting in Helsinki.

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Source: The Guradian

Cash-less Cash only? You've got to be crazy to reject any form of payment

Thursday 23:39 GMT

The smartest clients I work with accept any form of payment possible – cash, credit, euros, wampum, bitcoin (not recommended), a chicken, a firstborn child … whatever the customer wants to use as payment is fine by them.

I have personally walked out of restaurants and left products on store counters because they refused to accept my preferred form of payment. What about those silly small business owners that only take cash or won’t accept credit cards for small purchases?

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Source: DW

Pope rejects resignation of cardinal convicted of sex abuse cover-up

Wednesday 14:31 GMT

Cardinal Philippe Barbarin of Lyon, one of France's most senior Catholic clergymen, said on Tuesday that the pope rejected his resignation following his conviction in a sex abuse-related case.

In a similar case in Australia last year, the pope accepted the resignation of Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson after he was convicted of covering up abuse. Barbarin and his co-defendants argued they did not know about the abuse until it became public.

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