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Trump Administration Plans to Undo Methane-Emission Rule

Wednesday 07:01 GMT

The Trump administration’s proposal would virtually eliminate the rule, replacing it with requirements similar to those in force before the Obama administration’s guidelines were issued just days after Donald Trump won the 2016 election.

The Trump administration said Monday that it is proposing to roll back an Obama-era climate regulation aimed at cutting emissions of methane from drilling operations on federal lands.

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Source: BBC

Most UK firms want EU regulation to stay

Friday 06:07 GMT

In the 1980s, the popular TV series Yes Minister brought this association of concepts to life hilariously, when minister Jim Hacker is warned by his civil servant minder, Bernard, that EU regulation would force the good old British banger to conform to "euro-sausage" standards or be forcibly relabelled an "emulsified high-fat offal tube".

Some of the other findings of this qualitative survey chime with larger, more quantitative surveys - namely a desire on the part of the majority of firms to stay in the single market and customs union or failing that, just the customs union.

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Source: New York Times

Gun Makers Are Reeling Even as Threat of Regulation Recedes

Sunday 14:30 GMT

“When people feared there would be increased gun regulation, they went out and bought more guns,” said Kevin Cassidy, an analyst at Moody’s Investors Service, who covers the gun manufacturers.

As the school shooting in Parkland, Fla., stokes the national debate over firearms, it may be easy to overlook another major development in the gun world this week. One of the nation’s oldest and largest gun makers, Remington, said it was nearing a bankruptcy filing.

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