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Despite measles outbreak, anti-vaccine activists in Minnesota refuse to back down

Tuesday 14:32 GMT

Minnesota’s worst measles outbreak in decades has un­expectedly energized anti-vaccine forces, who have stepped up their work in recent months to challenge efforts by public health officials and clinicians to prevent the spread of the highly infectious disease.

The activists are using social media to urge families who do not want to immunize their children or who believe their children have been harmed by vaccines to meet in Minneapolis this week with associates of Andrew Wakefield, the founder of the modern anti-vaccine movement.

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Soaring trash fees for L.A. condos and apartment buildings spark outrage

Monday 19:05 GMT

Businesses, landlords and condominium owners are voicing alarm over the additional charges being imposed under RecycLA, an environmental initiative championed by Garcetti that is aimed at diverting trash from landfills, putting cleaner-burning trash trucks on the street and creating safer conditions for refuse workers.

A bill sent by Universal Waste Systems showed her building faces an extra $433 in fees to cover the cost of moving trash bins more than 100 feet to the street.

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