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One simple reason we aren’t acting faster on climate change?

Wednesday 09:00 GMT

Another reason to update climate change’s visuals is that, for the general public, ‘traditional’ climate images aren’t that compelling.

Wondering if there was a better way to tell climate change stories, Climate Visuals tested what effect iconic climate images – like that lonely polar bear – really had. After asking people at panel groups in London and Berlin and through an online survey with over 3,000 people, the team concluded that people were more likely to empathise with images that showed real faces – such as workers installing solar panels, emergency respondents helping victims of a typhoon or farmers building more efficient irrigation systems to combat drought.

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The "yield curve" is inverting (gasp!) -- should investors freak out?

Wednesday 22:45 GMT

If you've heard lately that the "yield curve" is inverting, your response might range from curiosity about what that portends for the U.S. economy to, perhaps more likely, the kind of drowsiness brought on by arcane financial jargon.

"Current rates of consumption, investment and employment growth in the major developed markets are not historically consistent with an impending recession," UBS analysts wrote in a research note this week.

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There Is Reason to Like Videogame Stocks, but Competition Is a Major Risk

Friday 20:01 GMT

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Top stocks in the sector, analyst Todd Juenger wrote, are down about 40% on average from highs, a much steeper pullback than has been projected in earnings forecasts—despite general optimism about the industry’s growth opportunity. “Six months ago the market thought of Electronic Arts (EA) as a company with $6 earnings per share power, trading at 25 times earnings, [which] makes it a $150 stock,” Juenger notes.

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Stocks Slide Following U.S. Jobs Report

Saturday 16:20 GMT

In recent sessions, stocks and bonds have swung wildly on the prospect of tighter U.S. monetary policy, as higher borrowing costs could hurt the economy at a time when markets are volatile and global economic growth is already showing signs of slowing.

U.S. government bond yields rose, with the yield on the benchmark 10-year U.S. Treasury note at 2.891%, according to Tradeweb, compared with 2.872% Thursday.

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Fed’s Brainard Sees Reasons for Economic Optimism but Flags New ‘Crosscurrents’

Saturday 17:16 GMT

Ms. Brainard said she saw “good reasons to expect economic growth to remain solid next year” and said she was comfortable that inflation showed little signs of veering too far above or below the Fed’s 2% target.

Federal Reserve governor Lael Brainard signaled support for an interest-rate increase at the central bank’s meeting this month but flagged new headwinds that could complicate the economic and policy outlook next year.

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