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Jonas Brothers discuss reason for their infamous 2013 split

Today 00:35 GMT

The Jonas Brothers have opened up about their sudden breakup years ago and the behavior among the famed brotherly trio that caused the boy band to split.

The Jonas Brothers are set to release a new studio album, "Happiness Begins," on June 7, and said they plan to tour later this year.

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Opinion: Reason prevails — no Deutsche Commerzbank

Today 06:04 GMT

It would incorporate the huge financial risks of the once so proud and arrogant Deutsche, alongside the burden of Commerzbank still operating in the shadow of its bigger rival, dependent on state aid.

When Deutsche and Commerzbank finally bowed to mounting pressure in March and started merger talks, Scholz said it would be for the two sides to clarify whether a tie-up would make economic sense. He even hired a former Goldman Sachs Germany chief, Jörg Kukies, to push a merger.

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Five reasons you should have an updated will — and estate plan

Wednesday 23:40 GMT

And time-savings for estate settlement, and mitigating the risk of the children fighting with each other over the estate.

In the estate area, the federal estate, gift and generation skipping transfer tax exemptions were increased to $11.18 million per person in 2018, indexed for inflation. (This increase is set to expire Dec. 31, 2025, when the federal estate, gift and generation skipping tax exemption amounts are scheduled to revert to the prior $5 million amounts, adjusted for inflation.)

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Source: The Guradian

Scientists find reason behind split-second sporting disputes

Thursday 15:26 GMT

“That is, the other player must have caused the ball’s final movement as it does not correspond to the planned outcome.”

Further analysis showed taps that would have been deemed simultaneous by a player did not, in fact, happen at the same time: their own tap occurred about 50 milliseconds after their opponent’s tap. After each pair repeated the task 50 times, the researchers examined the results, finding that even if participants tapped at the same time, in 67% of cases they thought they had tapped first.

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