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Fired for no reason US fast-food workers in fresh assault on unfair dismissals

Today 08:04 GMT

Researchers surveyed 539 New York fast-food workers and found that 65% of the 192 who had ever been terminated from a job reported that they had, in at least one instance, not been given any reason for being fired.

Tsedeye Gebreselassie, the chairwoman of the board of Fast Food Justice, a worker advocacy group, said, “Basically, employers have broad leeway to fire workers for no reason at all, and that wreaks havoc on workers, especially low-wage workers who live paycheck to paycheck.”

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3 reasons why the housing market isn’t as strong as it seems

Friday 08:05 GMT

By many measures, the U.S. economy is doing extremely well — but when it comes to the nation’s housing market, something doesn’t quite add up.

More: The depressing reason rich people are now the fastest-growing segment of renters. Also read: Consumers requested the lowest number of credit inquiries since 2003 — why that’s a cause for concern

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Dan Bongino: Americans still love capitalism. Here are three reasons why they aren't flocking to socialism

Friday 10:49 GMT

I have a podcast that you all listen to ("The Dan Bongino Show") and I must say the job would be so much more stressful if I recorded my show under the threat of potential torture every day, fearful of criticizing the wrong person.

It's ironic that socialism and similar left-wing ideas appeal to people who fashion themselves as "anti-establishment," when you can't have socialism without political repression.

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World Radio Day 2019: 4 reasons radio is as relevant as ever

Thursday 12:42 GMT

Corus Radio has shown incredible growth on both its AM and FM stations over the past year, and there’s no better time than World Radio Day (Feb.

A post shared by Global News Radio 640 Toronto (@am640) on Oct 1, 2018 at 12:45pm PDT. Listeners are definitely responding to the accuracy and work put into Corus’ news offering; six of seven Global News Radio stations saw a ratings bump this past fall compared to last year.

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Kicking yourself for missing the recent rally Here are 5 reasons you shouldn’t

Thursday 17:15 GMT

Wall Street experts argued there were some good reasons: Economic slowdowns in China and Europe, rising interest rates, trade war fears, looming conflicts between a Democratic Congress and President Trump, and weaker corporate earnings.

“One of the most common rhetorical bulwarks in the defense of buy and hold investing is to demonstrate the effects of missing the best 10 days in the market, and how that would affect the compounded return to investors,” Cambria Investments manager Meb Faber pointed out in a recent research paper. But, he warns, “This is perhaps one of the most misleading statistics in our profession.”

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