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Singer Justine Skye granted restraining order against rapper Sheck Wes

Today 09:00 GMT

Singer Justine Skye takes knee during national anthem performance at NBA game. Sheck Wes, who toured with Travis Scott for his Astroworld Tour, denied the allegations, to which Skye then posted footage of him on Twitter making his way into her home without her consent.

The restraining order rules that Sheck Wes must stay at least 100 yards (around 91 metres) away from the Know Myself singer until their court hearing next month.

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Source: The Guradian

Rapper 21 Savage did not talk about being British for fear of US deportation

Sunday 12:39 GMT

The Atlanta-based rapper 21 Savage did not talk about his British citizenship before because he didn’t want to get deported.

The rapper said he wasn’t hiding the fact that he isn’t a US citizen, but “I didn’t want to get deported so I’m not going to just come out and say, ‘Hey by the way, I wasn’t born here.”’ “But I didn’t know like, what that meant as far as when I transitioned into an adult, how it was going to affect my life.”

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