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Source: The Guradian

Donald Young accuses fellow US player Ryan Harrison of racism during match

Wednesday 17:20 GMT

“I’m shocked and disappointed, Ryan Harrison, to hear you tell me how you really feel about me as a black tennis player in the middle of our NY match,” wrote Young on Twitter. “I thought this was supposed to be an inclusive gentleman’s sport.”

US tennis has been caught up in another unseemly incident with one of its top players accusing another of racism during a match. Donald Young’s comments came after his loss to countryman Ryan Harrison at the New York Open on Monday.

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Source: Global News

Blackface skit in China’s Lunar New Year gala prompts racism accusations

Sunday 20:55 GMT

A skit on China’s widely-watched Lunar New Year gala on state television featuring a Chinese actress made up to appear African has provoked accusations of racism online.

London police constable apologizes for blackface photos posted on Instagram. A black woman playing her daughter declares that she wants to study in China but is worried her mother will not agree. The actress, Lou Naiming, appeared on stage in colorful garb with her face and arms colored brown, carrying a fruit basket on her head, and accompanied by someone costumed as a monkey.

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Source: CTV

'No place' for racism in justice system, minister says

Today 06:05 GMT

“There is no place in this country for racism, discrimination, bias of any sort in the criminal justice system or otherwise, and I will be vigilant in terms of insuring that that doesn’t exist,” she said in an interview with CTV Question Period host Evan Solomon. Wilson-Raybould said that people “marching in the streets” after Gerald Stanley’s acquittal in the death of 22-year-old Cree man Colton Boushie demonstrated that people are concerned with the current state of Canadian courts.

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