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Google CEO dodges questions on anti-conservative bias and other troubling issues

Wednesday 21:51 GMT

Google CEO Sundar Pichai delivered a deft and sly performance Tuesday in testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, responding evenly to sometimes ridiculous questions and managing to avoid most blows.

Though Damore kicked off much of the national debate on issues that have featured prominently in many of the Big Tech hearings – such as search bias, employment bias and corporate bias – House Judiciary Committee members did not ask what happened to him and those like him who were sacrificed on the altar of political correctness at Google.

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Steph Curry's bizarre US moon landing comments spark flood of hilarious Twitter questions

Wednesday 20:57 GMT

Curry claims he doesn't want to "start conspiracies" but his loony lunar doubts about the U.S. moon landings is one giant leap too far for many fans, who questioned if the statement was a publicity stunt and peppered the Golden State Warriors' point guard with plenty of probing questions Tuesday. A day earlier, speaking as a guest on the "Winging It" podcast, Curry asked hosts Vince Carter, Kent Bazemore and Annie Finberg, as well as his teammate Andre Iguodala, whether they believed man ever truly made it to the moon.

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USC slammed for expelling student over alleged rape without questioning witnesses

Wednesday 19:08 GMT

The University of Southern California will have to overturn the expulsion of a student accused of rape because the school investigators did not question central witnesses and couldn’t locate “physical evidence” to determine the validity of the allegations, a California appeals court ruled on Tuesday. The court said the accused student was denied a fair Title IX proceeding, because in addition to investigators apparently not being interested in interviewing the witnesses, their testimonies about the alleged nonconsensual anal rape were riddled with “inconsistencies” and raised questions whether the perceived blood they saw in the accuser’s apartment was actually paint.

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Shapiro on Ocasio-Cortez's Claim of Jewish Heritage: 'Easy Way of Avoiding Questions' About Anti-Semitism

Wednesday 21:52 GMT

Conservative commentator and editor-in-chief of The Daily Wire Ben Shapiro called out Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for claiming Jewish heritage.

On "Fox News @ Night" Tuesday, Shapiro said he's sick of politicians claiming a certain heritage and trying to "get off the hook" for their current political positions. "Ocasio-Cortez is incredibly close with people like Linda Sarsour and Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, and she's not shy about associating with folks who are fans of the anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions regime," Shapiro said.

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Pelosi questions Trump's manhood, compares him to a skunk after Oval Office clash

Wednesday 19:07 GMT

In a private meeting with senior members of her party after a remarkable clash with President Trump in the Oval Office, Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi questioned Mr. Trump's manhood and compared him to a skunk, according to an aide in the room.

During one private conversation, Pelosi said she discussed with Mr. Trump "how good" she believed former Republican President Ronald Reagan was on immigration. She said she told Mr. Trump "you probably don't know who I spoke most about on the campaign trail – what president I spoke most about."

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Google CEO explains why Donald Trump shows up in ‘idiot’ search results

Wednesday 19:06 GMT

WATCH: Google’s CEO confirms extensive data collection of its users during testimony to Congress. Pichai was asked the question by Democrat Rep. Zoe Lofgren, who said: “Right now, if you google the word ‘idiot’ under images, a picture of Donald Trump comes up.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai was asked a series of questions on how the internet giant operates during his appearance before a House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.

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Now what for the PM and Brexit?

Wednesday 06:04 GMT

Even though Parliament, and no doubt many more members of the public, more importantly, will be aghast at yet another delay in this long drawn-out saga, there is no plan, nor anything ready or with enough agreement from enough MPs to take its place.

Right now she is trying to maintain her case that it's her deal or no deal, or no Brexit, ruling out another referendum again, at least under her leadership, and trying again to stick to the course.

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Gaetz: 'Bizarre' That Comey Has Memory Lapses on Anything Favorable to Trump

Tuesday 15:26 GMT

Rep. Matt Gaetz called out James Comey for having "selective amnesia" with any facts that are favorable to President Trump.

Tom Fitton Calls Out Comey for 'Professed Ignorance' on Dossier, 'Smear Operation' Against Trump. Gaetz said he was particularly interested in Comey's responses to questions about his June 2017 conversation with President Trump, in which Comey believes Trump may have obstructed justice by referencing the Michael Flynn investigation.

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Krishnamoorthi: Comey 'Came Across as Consistent, Compelling and Careful'

Monday 20:55 GMT

House Oversight Committee member Raja Krishnamoorthi said on "Sunday Morning Futures" that ex-FBI Director James Comey "came across as consistent, compelling and careful in his answers" to a joint committee's closed-door session with him this week. "The majority (Republicans) asked him exhaustively about the Clinton email investigation," said Krishnamoorthi, a Democrat representing northeastern Illinois.

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