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Source: New York Times

Diplomats Sound the Alarm as They Are Pushed Out in Droves

Today 05:11 GMT

Afterward, Mr. Miller, a career Foreign Service officer, was pushed out, joining a parade of dismissals and early retirements that has decimated the State Department’s senior ranks.

By last spring, interviews at the time suggested, the guarded optimism that greeted his arrival had given way to concern among diplomats about his aloofness and lack of communication. By the summer, the secretary’s focus on efficiency and reorganization over policy provoked off-the-record anger.

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Source: Global News

Aurora Cannabis buying greenhouse design firm Larssen to push pot partnership plans

Friday 01:32 GMT

Alberta-based cannabis producer Aurora Cannabis Inc. says it intends to use its ownership of greenhouse design firm Larssen Ltd. to pressure other cannabis producers to enter partnerships that will further its aggressive growth plans.

Thomas Larssen, principal owner of Larssen Ltd., is to head up a new subsidiary called Aurora Larssen Projects Ltd.. “I believe that the resources, infrastructure and strategic support available at Aurora will help establish ALPS as the world’s leading horticultural engineering venture.”

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Source: New York Times

Bumped From Home to Home, Then ‘Pushed’ Into College

Wednesday 08:07 GMT

Ms. Toe then moved into the Staten Island home of a former neighbor, Lakema Freeland, a mother of three who in the past had helped her earn money caring for children.

In fall 2015, she was accepted into an accelerated program at Monroe College in the Bronx, and she graduated the next year with an associate degree in human service. In 2013, Ms. Toe earned her high school diploma through Job Corps in Edison, N.J., an education and job-training program for teenagers and young adults.

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Uber Breach May Intensify Push for Federal Disclosure Rules

Thursday 18:11 GMT

The United Kingdom’s Information Commissioner’s Office, an independent public body dealing with information rights, said Wednesday it will investigate the data breach and subsequent coverup at Uber Technologies Inc., potentially fueling talks of tighter regulations governing corporate response to cyberattacks.

“The lesson here for CIOs and CISOs is that being transparent with users and enforcing good operational practices is just as important as investing in security technology and teams,” Mr. Ghosemajumder said.

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