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As Homebuyers Flock In, Fort Worth Embraces its Cowtown Reputation

Friday 21:50 GMT

Appeared in the January 18, 2019, print edition as 'In Texas, Cowtown Goes Uptown.'. Young professionals and families are buying homes near the downtown neighborhoods of the Texas city to be closer to a cool cultural scene

Young professionals and families are discovering the charms of Fort Worth, a city of about 875,000 people with deep roots in the cattle industry. In recent years, this Cowtown has gone Uptown with the rise of upscale condo developments and gated subdivisions offering high-end amenities.

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California schools were once the nation's envy. What went wrong?

Sunday 09:54 GMT

Proposition 13 drastically cut and capped property taxes and hobbled the ability of California counties – and, indirectly, the state – to raise money for schools and other key social programs.

According to one recently published study, funding for California schools falls 38% short of where it should be to meet needs defined by the state itself. Poorer students benefit from additional state and federal grant money, but their needs are also higher and the shortfall reaches as high as 47% at the bottom end of the socio-economic pile.

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Ripe for Investment, Charlotte, North Carolina, is Bucking the U.S. Slowdown Trend

Saturday 11:44 GMT

Unlike some of the major U.S. markets, Charlotte, North Carolina, is experiencing strong growth in its real estate market.

"Everyone’s moving to Charlotte," said Jason Gentry, managing broker at Premier Sotheby's International Realty, which services the Charlotte area. More: Post-Brexit, European Cities Show Promise in 2019, With Lisbon Leading the Way. The banking and tech sectors are strong in Charlotte, and more business is coming, as several companies, like Honeywell, plan to relocate there in the coming year.

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