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Source: Fox News

Promising Ivy League student, 19, killed in opioid crisis

Today 08:06 GMT

Kyle Bellitto, a lawyer, and her husband, Glenn Bellitto, 59, a finance professional — both with Harvard degrees — of the leafy Bronxville, a Westchester suburb in New York where the median household income is $200,000 a year, learned the hard way when their 19-year-old Ivy League son died in December of a suspected opioid overdose, The New York Post reported.

Their son, Gage, who would have turned 20 on Christmas 2017, was a Columbia University transfer looking to study economics.

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Coinbase admits glitch that overcharged crypto customers, promises refunds

Friday 21:53 GMT

Coinbase inc., the leading cryptocurrency exchange, admitted Thursday that a glitch in its system had accidentally charged some customers multiple times for a single purchase — with some users saying their bank accounts were drained by the error.

Earlier this month, Coinbase told customers that because of the changes, payments for digital-currency transactions were now being processed as cash advances, which could result in additional fees.

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