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Source: DW

Opinion: Putin's empty promises

Thursday 15:25 GMT

This must have been the case for Russian President Vladimir Putin in his speech to the Russian Federal Assembly: Putin reeled off his speech like a seasoned pro, but without great enthusiasm.

Even the state-controlled opinion research institute WZIOM noted in January that trust in Putin has been falling: Only around one third of all Russians still trust him — a historic low not reached since 2005.

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Here’s what Tesla is promising for 2019

Wednesday 23:40 GMT

Tesla Inc. has filed its annual report, committing to paper its promises and expectations for the year and putting an initial price tag on last year’s going-private saga and restructuring.

Tesla slightly tweaked its language around its next vehicles, specifying that among the all-electric vehicles it will introduce in the future are the Model Y, the Semi freight truck, a pickup truck, and a new version of the Tesla Roadster.

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