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Barbershop launches reading initiative to build confidence in young customers

Today 14:29 GMT

Jon Escueta, owner of City Cuts Barbershop in Kutztown, has launched an initiative aimed at building his young customers’ self-esteem by having them read out loud while getting their hair cut.

The barbershop owner admitted to Reading Eagle that he struggled with being too shy to speak up – a trait that he didn’t break until he began coaching basketball. It helped tremendously because they started communicating toward the end of the season," Escueta said to the news outlet.

1 Article
Source: Fox News

North Carolina school district restricts lunch program due to ongoing government shutdown

Saturday 14:30 GMT

ONGOING GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN WON’T STOP FOOD STAMP BENEFITS IN FEBRUARY, USDA CONFIRMS. The Agriculture Department (USDA) is one of the Cabinet-level departments impacted by the shutdown.

Fresh produce will not be available for students in the district, except at elementary schools participating in the Agriculture Department’s Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program, the district said. “The Vance County Schools Nutrition Program for students is self-supporting with federal funds providing meals,” the district said.

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