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Shoppers want Amazon-brand prescription drugs, medical marijuana and cryptocurrency


Inc., but they would like to be able to purchase more, including prescription drugs, medical marijuana and cryptocurrency, according to an Investing.com

And while 55.5% of respondents trust Amazon to store their personal information, only 37% trust Google GOOGL, -1.51% GOOG, -1.48%   , 35.6% trust Apple Inc. AAPL, -1.89%   and 9.3% trust Facebook Inc. FB, -2.41%  . Amazon shares have gained 19.5% over the past year while the Amplify Online Retail ETF IBUY, -1.17%   is up 8.5% and the S&P 500 index SPX, -0.94%   has gained nearly 5% for the period.

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George Michael’s Private Art Collection to be Sold at Christie’s

Saturday 18:09 GMT

Over 200 pieces from the late British singer George Michael’s private art collection will be sold in a Christie’s auction in London next month.

The company focuses on sustainability in every step of the manufacturing process. The all-wheel-drive car features sub-two-second zero to 60 times, 620 miles of range, and 250 miles per hour. Over 200 pieces from the late British singer George Michael’s private art collection will be sold in a Christie’s auction in London next month.

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2020 Democrats jump to endorse Green New Deal despite spending hundreds of thousands on air travel - including private jets

Sunday 14:29 GMT

Top Democrats running for president in 2020 have jumped on and endorsed Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s radical Green New Deal that aims, among other things, to eliminate air travel.

GREEN NEW DEAL: OCASIO-CORTEZ AIMS TO MAKE AIR TRAVEL OBSOLETE, AID THOSE ‘UNWILLING’ TO WORK. Harris, among the leading Democratic candidates in the 2020 race so far, has been an early backer of Ocasio-Cortez’s resolution to tackle climate change by radically transforming the country by rendering air travel obsolete, moving the U.S. to rely completely on renewable energy with net-zero emissions, and guaranteeing economic security even for people who are “unwilling” to work.

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Debt guarantee tangle: China's private firms hit by default contagion

Wednesday 06:59 GMT

The collapse in China of a complex web of debt guarantees involving several private firms highlights risks in its financial system and opens up a potentially hazardous front for an economy in the grip of its slowest growth in nearly three decades.

Among the 28 firms are Shandong Dahai Group and Shandong Jinmao Textile Chemical Group, which were on the 2018 top 500 best-run private enterprises in China.

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Army calls base housing hazards 'unconscionable,' details steps to...

Today 10:49 GMT

Deeply troubled by military housing conditions exposed by Reuters reporting, the U.S. Army’s top leadership vowed Friday to renegotiate its housing contracts with private real estate firms, test tens of thousands of homes for toxins and hold its own commanders responsible for protecting Army base residents from dangerous homes.

In an interview, the Secretary of the Army Mark Esper said Reuters reports and a chorus of concerns from military families had opened his eyes to the need for urgent overhauls of the Army’s privatized housing system, which accommodates more than 86,000 families.

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