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Source: NBC News

Gay athletes make history at Winter Olympics

Tuesday 18:13 GMT

The outspoken athlete delivered a "spellbinding" performance in the team event, according to NBC commentator and former Olympian Johnny Weir, and he made history by becoming the first openly gay athlete from the U.S. to medal in the Winter Games.

Ireen Wust, a speed skater from the Netherlands, was the first out athlete to medal at the Pyeongchang Games, according to Outsports, and Canadian Eric Radford became the first openly gay man to win gold at the Winter Olympics after his performance with partner Meagan Duhamel in the team figure skating event.

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Source: Washington Post

‘Pretty sharp,’ says Obama of his presidential portrait

Tuesday 20:03 GMT

Former president Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, attracted hundreds of friends, colleagues and media Monday — including Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, Shonda Rhimes and Joe Biden — for the unveiling of portraits commissioned by the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery for its permanent collection.

They are the first African American artists to receive the president and first lady commissions, and they bring a contemporary excitement to the traditional portrait, said National Portrait Gallery director Kim Sajet.

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Source: New York Times

Off Broadway Theater Cuts Ties With Neil LaBute

Friday 05:11 GMT

Neil LaBute, a prominent American playwright and screenwriter known for his portraits of misanthropic and misogynistic men (“In the Company of Men,” “Fat Pig”), has been abruptly cut off by one of New York’s leading nonprofit theaters.

MCC Theater, a prestigious Off Broadway company, announced Thursday that it was canceling an upcoming production of Mr. LaBute’s latest play and terminating his tenure as its playwright-in-residence, effective immediately.

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