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Source: Fox News

Julia Roberts hung out with real prostitutes to prepare for 'Pretty Woman' role

Today 13:35 GMT

Julia Roberts prepared to play a prostitute in “Pretty Woman” by hanging out with hookers on Hollywood Boulevard, according to Barbara Marshall, widow of the movie’s director, Garry Marshall.

Barbara, married to Garry for more than 50 years, said she also contributed plotlines to “Laverne & Shirley” and “Happy Days.”. “I will always be honored that he was able to steal stories from my life and turn them into charming moments on film,” she said.

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Source: Reuters

U.S. airlines prepare for 737 MAX tests, Southwest parks jets near...

Sunday 18:08 GMT

Teams from the three U.S. airlines that own 737 MAX jets were heading to Boeing Co’s factory in Renton, Washington, to review a software upgrade on Saturday, even as Southwest Airlines Co began parking its 34 MAXs near the California desert.

Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration, which must approve the software fix and new training, are under U.S. and global scrutiny since the MAX suffered a second deadly crash involving Ethiopian Airlines in Addis Ababa on March 10, which led to a worldwide grounding of the fleet.

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