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Logistics Report: GE's Powerful Backlog; Freight Failure Fingerpointing; Down-Under Lumber

Friday 12:41 GMT

(Bloomberg) Freight logistics startup Flexport Inc. is in talks to raise $500 million in a deal led by SoftBank Group Corp. (Axios). XPO Logistics Inc. is closing a Memphis, Tenn., distribution center that has been the focus of sexual harassment and discrimination complaints.

The power business accounted for nearly a quarter of GE’s total backlog in 2018, and it could take two to three years before the unit returns to profitability.

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High Flying Bird shows athletes are more powerless and powerful than they know

Saturday 14:30 GMT

Steven Soderbergh’s High Flying Bird, written by the playwright Tarell Alvin McCraney and available for streaming on Netflix, is the finest movie ever made about the business of professional sports, not for the answers it purports to give about a billion-dollar industry charged by undercurrents of race and politics but the questions it asks.

In the end High Flying Bird’s acute examination of an American pastime lays bare the fascinating contradiction at its core today: the professional NBA player is more powerless and more powerful than he realizes, a limited commodity vital to the economics of industries beyond the court.

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