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Anne Hathaway says her brain felt like a ‘computer rebooting’ after breaking vegan diet

Today 07:00 GMT

“Getting regular bloodwork will provide a more personalized look into what changes should be made in your diet or what supplements might be beneficial for each individual,” McNeill said.

“Many people don’t realize when switching over to a vegan diet that you need to be eating much more than you might be used to,” McNeill told Global News. “Plant-based foods are much less calorie-dense than animal foods, meaning you will likely need to eat more to feel full.

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Source: Fox News

John Stossel: The Green New Deal and the one thing no one ever wants to talk about

Today 10:50 GMT

If a Green New Deal is ever implemented, says Mills, it would rob the poor by raising energy costs, while “giving money to wealthy people in the form of subsidies to buy $100,000 cars, to put expensive solar arrays on their roofs or to be investors in wind farms.”

“That’s a goal you could only imagine possible if you have no idea how energy is produced,” James Meigs, former editor of Popular Mechanics magazine, says in my latest video. “Renewable is so inconsistent,” he adds.

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Source: Reuters

Weak first quarter seen for U.S. refiners, but brighter summer...

Tuesday 07:09 GMT

U.S. independent refiners are expected to roll out lower than expected first-quarter profits after a spate of outages, weak gasoline margins and a surge in the price of Canadian oil, according to analysts.

Major independent refiners cut production dramatically during the quarter, with some electing to undergo maintenance rather than produce barrels at a time when gasoline margins slumped. Several major U.S. refiners, including Valero Energy Corp, HollyFrontier Corp, and Marathon Petroleum Corp, are all expected to fall short of consensus estimates when they report results, according to Refinitiv Eikon’s SmartEstimate model, which values more recent revisions from higher-ranked analysts.

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Source: BBC

'You can succeed as a vegan athlete'

Tuesday 09:54 GMT

"I was perhaps a bit naive jumping in and thinking I'll never get the protein I require from plants but actually you can, you really can.". Ross says that, as a young athlete, he never really thought beyond having a conventional diet rich in energy and rich in protein. "Growing up, like everyone really, you're told that you've got to drink milk for strong bones, you've got to get your protein in and have a balanced diet of animal protein and that was never an issue for me growing up.

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The girl who found her voice after brain surgery

Sunday 23:38 GMT

Seven-year-old Leia Armitage lived in total silence for the first two years of her life, but thanks to pioneering brain surgery and years of therapy she has found her voice and can finally tell her parents she loves them.

As a result, she was never expected to speak - but despite the risks, her parents fought for her to be one of the first children in the UK to be given an auditory brainstem implant, requiring complex brain surgery when she was two years old.

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