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5 key retirement planning decisions for baby boomers

Friday 09:56 GMT

The vast majority of baby boomers haven't accumulated enough savings to fully retire at age 65 with their preretirement standard of living.

My latest book, "Retirement Game-Changers: Strategies for a Healthy, Financially Secure, and Fulfilling Long Life," goes into more detail on the advantages and issues for a downshifting strategy, as well as other key decisions facing older workers as they transition into retirement.

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Don’t make these big mistakes with life insurance

Friday 20:56 GMT

Permanent life insurance, such as whole life, lasts your entire life and includes a savings component called cash value, which grows slowly over many years.

Permanent life insurance can be an important estate planning tool for those who have a lifelong financial dependent, such as a child with special needs, or whose estate is big enough to incur taxes for heirs. (Only estates over $11.18 million for an individual and $22.36 million for a couple are subject to federal estate taxes in 2018.)

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Holiday Entertaining Tips From the Party Planner to Presidents

Saturday 14:30 GMT

FOR A MAN who grew up on an Arkansas farm, Bronson van Wyck—an event planner whose clients range from Beyoncé to both Presidents Bush—sure knows how to party urbanely.

Bronson van Wyck, who planned affairs for Bushes and Obamas, on scrumptious buffet tables, winning hostess gifts and farm-family traditions

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Chicago hospital shooting victim was planning wedding in June, 'just wanted to help people,' father says

Today 02:25 GMT

The pharmaceutical resident who stepped out of an elevator at a hospital on Chicago's South Side and into the middle of a gunman's deadly rampage was known for loving what she did and had been planning a wedding in June, her father said Tuesday.

CHICAGO HOSPITAL SHOOTING THAT LEFT OFFICER, DOCTOR DEAD CAME AFTER FIGHT OVER RING, 'BROKEN ENGAGEMENT': REPORTS. Her prior health struggles had motivated her to get into the health industry, and Less had "loved" her job at Mercy Hospital, so much so she confided in her father she would do the job for free because she was so happy with it.

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1 in 3 employees is planning to give their boss a holiday gift - but should they?

Today 04:15 GMT

As the leaves change colors and the holiday lights get strung up, the spirit of holiday festivities may enter your office with employee gift-giving.

Above all, employees should recognize that no good boss is going to want or expect you to give them a lavish holiday gift. The collaborative gesture also shields you from coming across as a suck-up with ulterior motives to your boss.

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