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Another Postseason Stumble for Clayton Kershaw


Kershaw, dogged by an inability to dominate in the postseason, gave up five runs including a homer to Brewers relief pitcher Brandon Woodruff

That approach worked well enough earlier this month, when Kershaw delivered the best postseason outing of his life against the Atlanta Braves in Game 2 of the division series. “You just have to continually think about making that next pitch over and over and over again.”

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David Price and Clayton Kershaw Are the Great Mysteries of October Baseball

Tuesday 22:47 GMT

In the alternate universe known as the regular season, Clayton Kershaw and David Price are among the best pitchers of their generation.

Whether Kershaw and Price have any mental tendencies that work against them is impossible to know for sure, but the recurring nature of their playoff woes makes them harder to dismiss as happenstance. There is at least some reason to believe that the more it has come to define them, the harder it has been to stop.

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Waitress pitches in to help with fussy toddler so mother can eat in peace

Friday 20:02 GMT

"Just like any toddler, she didn't want to be held ... it was just a constant battle to try to get her to chill out and I didn't want to bother anybody trying to eat dinner," Pedigo told CBS News.. "I just got flustered at one point and went and found Nianni and I said, 'Can you just box my food up to go?'" Pedigo said.

That's what happened to a mom from Greensboro, North Carolina, who said she felt defeated when her toddler started fussing at Olive Garden.

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Red Sox Concerns Fade as They Roll Into the World Series

Saturday 15:25 GMT

We feel that we can keep improving, and we have one more series to go.”. Questions about David Price, middle relief and the bottom of the lineup subsided as Boston clinched the American League pennant

To understand the greatness of the 2018 Boston Red Sox, it’s probably best to skip past all the things they’re good at and start with where they are supposedly vulnerable.

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