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B.C. Court of Appeal to hear province’s challenge of Trans Mountain pipeline expansion Monday

Monday 20:55 GMT

British Columbia’s Court of Appeal will consider a key question regarding provincial powers in the political battle over the future of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project during a five-day hearing that starts Monday.

B.C. indigenous and environmental groups blast NEB approval of Trans Mountain pipeline. Last month, the board found that the pipeline is still in the public interest despite the risk that an increase in tanker traffic could adversely affect southern resident killer whales, hurt related Indigenous culture and increase greenhouse gas emissions.

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Wastewater - private equity’s new black gold in U.S. shale

Tuesday 05:09 GMT

His company is one of dozens opening sites like this one that handles, not the lucrative oil, but the shale industry’s dirty secret: wastewater.

While U.S. oil production has reached record levels on account of the shale revolution of the last decade, much of the supporting infrastructure has failed to keep up, including how to transport the large quantities of water used in the hydraulic fracturing process and the water that is produced from wells alongside oil and gas.

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B.C. argues it cannot stop Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, but it can protect environment

Tuesday 21:50 GMT

“The government of Alberta, there on behalf of all the people of Alberta, are represented today at that court case and will argue vociferously that this is not a thing the government of B.C. has the authority to do.”. READ MORE: Morneau vows oilpatch support through Trans Mountain as protesters rally in Calgary. Notley said she doesn’t like to speak to hypotheticals, but said if B.C. won the case, Alberta could use Bill 12.. “If the government of B.C. were to be successful in this reference case — which, to be clear, I really don’t think they will be — but if they were, then I think really all bets would be off in terms of provinces working together and trading with each other in a way that’s mutually beneficial and certainly one tool around that would be the authority that we’ve given ourselves under Bill 12.”. Alberta passes legislation that could let province cut oil to B.C. over Trans Mountain pipeline dispute. “I am confident that the case that Albertans and our lawyers will take to the courts in B.C. will be a strong one and that we’ll be successful,” she said.

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