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There’s a ‘seller’s market’ for Kinder Morgan’s remaining Canadian assets: CEO

Today 07:02 GMT

There’s a “seller’s market” for attractive assets like those held by its Canadian subsidiary, the CEO of Kinder Morgan Inc. said on a conference call Wednesday to discuss third-quarter results.

The company is working on a strategic plan that could include a sale or sale of assets for its Canadian arm even though it likely won’t distribute funds from the sale of its major asset, the Trans Mountain pipeline system, until January, said Steve Kean, who is also CEO of Kinder Morgan Canada Ltd.. When will the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion get built?

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Source: The Guradian

Last stand in the swamp: activists fight final stretch of Dakota pipeline

Tuesday 23:41 GMT

As the flat-bottom fishing boat speeds through waterways deep inside Louisiana’s Atchafalaya basin, the largest river swamp in the US, the landscape suddenly shifts from high banks of sediment and oil pipeline markers on either side to an open grove of cypress trees towering above the water.

Degraded by decades of oil and gas development and lax permit enforcement, the swamp has now emerged as a flashpoint for environmental activists seeking to stop construction of the tail end of the controversial Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL), which was the subject of mass protests in 2016.

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Scientists create lab-grown food pipe

Wednesday 01:31 GMT

The team hopes the research could eventually lead to clinical trials of lab-grown food pipes for children born with part of their oesophagus damaged or missing.

We have to be careful that he doesn't choke, and he suffers from reflux, bringing up food and stomach acid, which can create problems." Nearly 250 children a year are born in the UK with Hudson's condition, known as oesophageal atresia, and the research is aimed at helping those where current surgical options bring limited benefits.

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