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Source: New York Times

Peru Moves to Protect ‘One of the Last Great Intact Forests’

Thursday 15:27 GMT

The remote rain forests in Peru’s northwest corner are vast — so vast that the clouds that form above them can influence rainfall in the western United States.

Yaguas National Park will protect millions of acres of roadless wilderness — and the indigenous people who rely on it — from development and deforestation. “This is a place where the forest stretches to the horizon,” said Corine Vriesendorp, a conservation ecologist at The Field Museum in Chicago, one of many organizations that worked to win the national park designation, Peru’s highest level of protection.

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Source: The Guradian

Stars of 'El Boom' celebrated in Madrid show for forgotten photographer

Friday 17:17 GMT

Fifty years ago, a Colombian novelist picked up an unusually lugubrious portrait of himself and scribbled a dedication to its photographer.

Although an exhibition of Pestana’s photographs was held at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Lima in 2015, the photographer had little interest in sharing his work. “People always ask, ‘Why didn’t he exhibit more?’,” says Rico. “And I tell them it was because he genuinely wasn’t bothered.

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