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Source: NBC News

How cosmic tomatoes could teach us how to farm on Mars

Wednesday 02:27 GMT

NASA has been working on a Prototype Lunar/Mars Greenhouse that’s cylindrical in shape and designed to be buried underground to protect it from radiation.

The tomatoes will be fertilized with synthetic urine — to mimic one type of natural fertilizer astronauts on the moon or on Mars would have at their disposal. “We have to recycle everything in a closed environment, so we have to solve the recycling of human and bio waste — urine, feces, old leaves, rotten fruits, leftover food — to produce a fertilizer solution for plants,” Jens Hauslage, leader of the German experiment, told NBC News MACH in an email.

1 Article
Source: NBC News

Perú's archeological treasures date back thousands of years. Who's making sure they're safe?

Wednesday 09:57 GMT

Dating to around 2,000 B.C., the mysterious murals at the Ventarrón archeological site along Perú’s northern coast are thought to be the oldest in the Americas.

Yet committed professionals like him and Camino, it seems, still have a long road to travel before all of Perú’s vast archeological legacy is truly protected.

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