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Source: New York Times

Letter of Recommendation: Spoilers

Thursday 11:48 GMT

At the time, I had become an obsessive avoider of spoilers, the kind of person who stayed off Instagram and Twitter during live episodes of popular shows, even going so far as to turn off notifications to avoid reading about a reveal or twist that would ruin a surprise.

I had invested nearly 30 hours into one of the biggest buildups of modern television only to have it — and my preciousness about spoilers — ruined.

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I hired a stylist — and it taught me so much more than how to dress myself

Sunday 11:45 GMT

That's where I found myself, five years after trading a conventional go-to-the-office job for the freelance, work-from-home life.

While I forced myself to give up the decade-plus old jeans I'll never wear again, a few cherished items went into a memory box where they won't cause emotional and visual clutter in my closet. And happily I kept the stained/damaged and otherwise unlovable clothes out of landfills by stuffing a Mully Mutt dog bed duvet with them – brilliant!)

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Source: NBC News

I stopped saying yes to everyone, and it changed my life.

Sunday 19:05 GMT

From the way I move, to where I go, to the extra work I’m constantly taking on, I keep placing my life right behind everyone else's.

During my 30 days, I kept coming back to one singular question: What makes me special enough to put my own well-being in front of everyone else's? Every acclamation of self-care curtains my insides with a narcissistic feeling; I am constantly wondering if my inability to compromise when I have a headache or feel super tired is making me a terrible person.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte