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Eintracht Frankfurt, a perfectly balanced club

Friday 23:38 GMT

For Susie, and for so many Frankfurt fans, one of the reasons it's so incredible to be a fan of this club is the delicate but existent relationship between the club and its active fan and ultra groups.

When pyrotechnics were thrown from the direction of Eintracht Frankfurt's stand during the away game against Inter Milan in the previous round, the club opted for an internal discussion between the fans and the board rather than the common practice, often seen at other clubs, of publicly criticizing their fans in similar instances.

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Source: The Guradian

Past imperfect: why today’s fiction authors are rewriting history

Sunday 13:34 GMT

Out in January is Agency by William Gibson, probably the world’s foremost writer of highbrow science fiction, which imagines an America where Donald Trump lost to Hillary Clinton.

All were inspired to a greater or lesser degree by three great socio-political upheavals of the past few years: the thudding and wholly unexpected arrival of Brexit, Corbyn and Trump, each one tearing up the comfortable social order.

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Source: The Guradian

Wes Anderson gets a wallpaper collection – let the over-decorating begin!

Thursday 02:24 GMT

The Anderson Aesthetic collection by MuralsWallpaper is campy, meticulously designed wallpapers that are inspired by the set designs of his movies.

Bask in the splendour of the JJ Abrams wallpaper collection, featuring designs such as Off-putting Blue Lens Flare, Off-putting White Lens Flare, Three Separate Instances Of Lens Flare in the Same Frame (Including One Diagonal Flare That Doesn’t Even Have an Identifiable Source) and For God’s Sake Wipe Your Camera.

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