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Source: BBC

European Champions Cup: Scarlets 30-27 Toulon

Saturday 20:56 GMT

Scarlets became the first Welsh region in six years to achieve quarter-final qualification for Europe's top tournament with a storming win over Toulon.

Replacements: Anthony Etrillard, Xavier Chiocci, Emerick Setiano, Juan Fernandez Lobbe, Francois Trinh-Duc, Jean Monribot, Eric Escande, Samu Manoa.

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Source: The Guradian

Sergio Agüero puts Manchester City back on track against Newcastle

Sunday 20:55 GMT

In different circumstances, Manchester City might have been parading Alexis Sánchez as their new A-list signing this week and Sergio Agüero, one assumes, might have been left wondering what it meant for his own position.

Agüero scored five on their last visit to this stadium and if City had conjured up one more goal in the last seven minutes it would have been the first time since Spurs against Blackburn in the 1960s that one side had scored four or more against a top-division opponent in five successive home matches.

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Source: NBC News

2017 brings second-fewest death sentences and executions

Saturday 07:01 GMT

The number of people sentenced to death or executed in 2017 was near historically low levels, according to the annual report of a group that tracks the death penalty.

Of the 31 states with the death penalty on the books, just eight carried out executions, and new death sentences were imposed in 14. Harris County, Texas, which has put more prisoners to death than any other U.S. county, had no executions or new death sentences in 2017.

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Source: NBC News

Why the 'death penalty capital of the world' stopped executing people

Saturday 09:01 GMT

“The practices that the Harris County District Attorney’s Office is following are also significant because they reflect the growing movement in the United States toward reform prosecutors who have pledged to use the death penalty more sparingly if at all,” said Robert Dunham, the director of the Death Penalty Information Center.

In 2017, however, the county known as the "death penalty capital of the world" and the "buckle of the American death belt" executed and sentenced to death an astonishing number of people: zero.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte