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Source: CBS News

Florida school shooting suspect bought seven rifles in past year, law enforcement source says

Today 09:56 GMT

The Florida school shooting suspect bought seven rifles in the last year, a federal law enforcement source has told CBS News.

The FBI apologized Friday for mishandling a tip it received in January from someone who was concerned about Cruz, his ownership of guns and his potential to carry out a school shooting. "When these things were being reported and when people were being targeted, they could have done more," Dana said.

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Source: Washington Post

For homeless women, violence is a pervasive part of their past and present, report shows

Today 09:01 GMT

The 2017 Point-in-Time count, an annual census of homeless people in the District, found 882 homeless women who were living alone, just over 40 percent of all women, and a quarter of all so-called unaccompanied homeless people.

In general, the report shows a blurring of the lines between the needs of domestic violence survivors and homeless women more broadly, and it calls for more opportunities for the service providers in each field to work together.

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Source: New York Times

An Irish Flâneur, Greeting the Past on His Present Wanderings

Today 09:00 GMT

I am given a book to review, written by the splendid novelist with whom I shared a wondered staring at Lord Nelson’s detached head, both of us standing on the imbricated layers of the past and each about to blunder hopefully into our separate unimaginable lives.

The only tense we live in is the past; the present moves so fast that it becomes the past even as it’s observed and experienced.

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Source: The Guradian

Communist past returns to haunt embattled Czech PM

Today 05:10 GMT

Only the fear of being unmasked as a collaborator seemed to cloud the businessman’s horizon as he signed up as an informer for communist Czechoslovakia’s secret police in jarringly jovial surroundings.

Perhaps not coincidentally, the Czech Communist party, which holds 15 seats in the 200-member parliament and opposes membership of the EU and Nato, is one of the few groupings to express possible willingness to support a Babiš government.

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Source: Common Domain

U.S. Stocks Pare Gains After Mueller Probe Indictment

Sunday 10:50 GMT

The indexes were on pace for an even bigger rally, but they pared gains—and the Nasdaq Composite turned lower—Friday afternoon when a Russian organization and several individuals were charged with interfering in the U.S. electoral process.

Earlier this month, stocks fell dramatically, pushing the Dow and the S&P 500 into correction territory after strong wage figures in the monthly U.S. jobs report suggested inflation had picked up.

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Source: NBC News

At Texas church where mass shooting occurred, pastor keeps faith through holidays

Sunday 05:10 GMT

First Baptist Church Pastor Frank Pomeroy said he turned the radio to his daughter's favorite Christmas station on Wednesday morning because he knew she would be disappointed if the tragic mass shooting here also killed her family's holiday spirit.

Paul Buford, pastor of nearby River Oaks Church, has been at Pomeroy’s side regularly since the shooting, pitching in wherever he can as well as making counselors available for those struggling to handle the hardship of the holidays.

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Source: Washington Post

Maryland honors its recent past as it fights off Rutgers in the present

Monday 04:15 GMT

Maryland’s 61-51 win over Rutgers on Saturday night at times felt like a quiet victory against an overmatched mid-major in the middle of December.

Then Maryland reverted to its usual late-game self, falling asleep on both ends of the floor as Rutgers (13-16, 3-13) cut into the deficit. The Scarlet Knights pieced together a quick 10-0 run to cut Maryland’s lead to nine points, and Turgeon could be heard screaming for a timeout as the home crowd groaned.

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