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Source: Washington Post

At least 18 killed, 168 injured after express train derails in Taiwan

Today 16:21 GMT

At least 18 people are dead and 168 injured after an express train in Taiwan derailed Sunday, flipping and toppling carrier cars onto their sides, the Associated Press and AFP reported.

In 2003, a train traveling toward a mountain tourist destination crashed, killing 17 passengers and injuring another 156, and a toppled tree caused a train crash that killed six and injured at least 50 in 2011. Europe’s privacy laws are now so tough, they are taking names off doorbells in Vienna. New leader of Quebec wants to bar public servants from wearing religious symbols at work

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Source: Washington Post

A man on Ryanair yelled racist insults at a black woman. She was the one who had to change seats.

Today 16:21 GMT

David Lawrence had just settled into Seat 22F on a Ryanair flight Thursday when he heard a commotion brewing on the other side of the plane.

One man, wearing a black T-shirt and sitting in the row directly behind them, physically tried to intervene, sticking his hand between the seats in front of him and telling the irate passenger to keep his voice down.

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Source: BBC

Ryanair criticised over 'racist outburst'

Sunday 20:00 GMT

Ryanair has been criticised for apparently failing to remove a passenger from a flight after racial abuse of a woman in her 70s.

BBC presenter Jeremy Vine was among those saying the incident was "beyond belief", saying Ryanair "need to explain how this man's disgusting racial abuse of the black lady in the seat next to him ends up with HER being asked to move". Shadow transport minister Karl Turner was among those to tweet about the incident, saying he would raise "the tendency of airlines to ignore this kind of behaviour".

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Source: CTV

Icelandair flight makes emergency landing in Quebec due to cracked window

Sunday 08:59 GMT

An Icelandair flight made an emergency landing in Quebec late Friday night after pilots noticed that a cockpit window had shattered.

Harrison Hove was on board the plane and says passengers weren’t initially told the cockpit window had been shattered by 20 centimetres. “I was walking around stretching my legs and all of a sudden you hear a ding of the fasten your seatbelt sign, and immediately the flight attendants booked it to the front,” he told CTV News Channel Saturday.

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Source: Global News

Swoop cancels dozens of flights to U.S., leaving passengers scrambling

Saturday 11:46 GMT

The airline’s first flights to the States were supposed to start taking off this week, but were cancelled at the last minute as Swoop awaits “one final regulatory approval required to operate to the U.S.,” Swoop spokesperson Karen McIsaac told Global News.

While all of the airline’s U.S. flights this week are cancelled, the ones scheduled after Oct. 27 are still on the calendar – and Swoop is still selling tickets for them.

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