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Delta Airlines to change the way you board planes

Today 09:54 GMT

Delta Airlines is ditching the zone boarding process and will determine the order in which passengers board an airplane by which “branded fares” they pay for. The airline made the announcement in a statement last week, saying the zones “will soon be a thing of the past.”

READ MORE: American Airlines, Delta wipe ‘Taiwan’ from references to country’s airports on their websites. Other than that, the first brand is the high-priced Delta One, and the last is Delta’s cheapest ticket, the basic economy fare.

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Source: DW

3 ways you could die while riding a hyperloop

Today 04:15 GMT

What are some of the ways you could die while riding a hyperloop, and how likely is it that one of those scenarios will occur?

Finally, the perfect hyperloop catastrophe: A destroyed section of track, a hyperloop approaching at terrifying speeds, and a damsel in distress posting it all to Instagram!. Surely this scenario is already being scripted into a future Mission: Impossible or James Bond movie, and it's the one that seems to jump out at people who have just heard about hyperloops for the first time.

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Airlines could have to pay cash for delays, re-book on competitors under new rules – but not yet

Tuesday 02:25 GMT

Airlines could soon be forced to pay passengers in cash for delays over three hours and re-book them on competing companies after nine.

Once the delays hit the nine-hour mark, airlines will be required to re-book passengers on flights with competing airlines. However, those rules will only apply in cases where the delays are deemed to be the responsibility of the airline.

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Source: Fox News

Subway passenger held in racial attack has history of altercations, police say

Monday 11:44 GMT

A woman arrested this week on suspicion of a racially motivated attack on a fellow New York City subway rider has a history of assaulting fellow passengers, reports said.

Lushchinskaya was charged with two counts of misdemeanor assault,” a New York Police Department spokesperson told Gothamist.

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