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Dennis Quaid on Natasha Richardson's death 10 years later: 'She's a beautiful person'

Tuesday 21:50 GMT

VANESSA REDGRAVE SPEAKS OUT ON NATASHA RICHARDSON'S DEATH: 'IT NEVER BECOMES OK' . In 2009, the actress hit her head during a ski lesson but was fine after the accident, though she complained of a headache.

LIAM NEESON'S SON PAYS TRIBUTE TO LATE MOM NATASHA RICHARDSON WITH 'OFFICIAL' NAME CHANGE. “When that accident happened, it just devastated me and so many other people,” Quaid previously recalled to Us Weekly.

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Here’s how much wealthy parents spend to legally give their kids an edge in the college acceptance race

Tuesday 21:50 GMT

The college admissions scandal exposed the amount of money some parents will spend to guarantee their children a spot at a top college.

While it’s good that parents are recognizing the intrinsic benefits of students’ participating in extracurricular activities, Sarah Clark, an associate research scientist in University of Michigan Medicine’s Pediatrics Department, and the author of the study, said she worries that if parents don’t believe there are other, tangible benefits to their kids’ participating in these activities — like getting into college — they may be deterred.

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