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The Last Leonardo by Ben Lewis review – secrets of the world’s most expensive painting

Wednesday 23:39 GMT

The story of the world’s most expensive painting is narrated with great gusto and formidably researched detail in Ben Lewis’s book.

In November 2011, a small Renaissance painting known as the Salvator Mundi (“Saviour of the World”) went on show at the National Gallery. It was a compelling, moody, somewhat odd picture: a half-length figure of Christ with ringlets of auburn hair, holding a transparent crystal orb.

1 Article
Source: The Guradian

Stolen Van Gogh works return to public display after 17 years

Thursday 12:40 GMT

Seventeen years after being snatched from the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, two of the artist’s works have been put back on public display, bringing the story of one of most infamous postwar art heists to a close.

On announcing the paintings’ return to the museum, Axel Rüger, its director, said: “The conservators have done a brilliant job and the paintings will now go back on permanent display in their full glory, for everyone to see.”

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