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Brazil carnival revellers warned that all that glitters is not good for the planet


With Rio’s enormous carnival in full swing, the streets are full of revellers in colourful fancy dress, thronging the city’s many samba street parties.

While new “sustainable glitter” products are finding favour in Brazil with environmentally conscious carnival-goers, poorer Brazilians complain they are too expensive. Last year the UK’s Tops Days Nurseries Group banned glitter in a pre-Christmas drive and scientists called for it to be banned.

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Why you shouldn't worry about stocks slumping

Tuesday 09:56 GMT

To be fair, that thinking informs much of the media's coverage of stocks, with entire TV networks, newspapers and websites breathlessly following the daily gyrations of the Dow, S&P 500 and other indices of wealth.

Roughly 84 percent of the market's value is owned by the wealthiest 10 percent of income earners, according to research by New York University economist Edward Wolff, who included stocks held in retirement accounts in his analysis.

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Director Ryan Coogler's first priority with "Black Panther" was to make a good movie

Thursday 15:27 GMT

And it's the first one to feature a black lead character, a black director, black writers and a predominantly black cast.

"So I walked to my local comic book shop in Oakland and asked the guy who was behind the desk and he walked me over and he showed me T'Black Panther,'" Coogler said. Taking after an older cousin, he started reading the comics as a young boy and although he was inspired by characters like Batman and Spider-Man, he began to wonder if there were any characters with books who looked like him.

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Source: Washington Post

D.C. teachers will not be assessed on how many students they pass this year

Thursday 21:53 GMT

D.C. teachers’ annual assessments will not take into account how many students pass their classes this academic year, the school system said in an email to educators this week.

The announcement comes a month after a citywide investigation uncovered a culture where D.C. Public Schools teachers said they felt compelled to pass undeserving students to meet lofty graduation rate goals and keep their jobs.

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Black Panther review – Marvel's thrilling vision of the afrofuture

Saturday 01:32 GMT

Director Ryan Coogler and co-screenwriter Joe Robert Cole tackle the superheroes of colour question with this surreal and uproarious movie version of Marvel’s Black Panther legend, in which the sheer enjoyment of everyone involved pumps the movie with fun.

The intriguing thing about Black Panther is that it doesn’t look like a superhero film – more a wide-eyed fantasy romance: exciting, subversive and funny.

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Comments by Nikolas Cruz's attorney could impact his defense

Sunday 10:50 GMT

Following accused school shooter Nikolas Cruz’s first appearance in court on Thursday, his attorney for the hearing, public defender Melisa McNeill told reporters that Cruz is sad, remorseful, and aware of the impact of the shooting on the community.

These statements were empathetic and well-intentioned, but a prosecutor may try to use them against Cruz himself, whose defense options are diminishing as more information emerges about the shooting and his past.

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Source: New York Times

Theresa May, in Munich, Calls for Swift Security Pact and Offers Concession

Sunday 19:05 GMT

Addressing a security conference here in Munich, the prime minister said Britain had an “unconditional” commitment to European security that would not change after the country’s departure from the bloc.

On Saturday, just a little more than a year before the process known as Brexit concludes, Mrs. May put her strongest card on the table — Britain’s defense and police capabilities — and urged European partners to agree to a new security treaty.

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Uncertainty about voter demands, impact of new laws has Congress in inertia over gun violence

Today 06:04 GMT

Pelosi at last week’s presser cited how Ryan addressed gun violence after the Orlando shooting and following the Democratic sit-in on the House floor.

In late 2012, Pelosi tapped Thompson to head the Democrats gun violence task force just after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary. But everyone knew it would be a little different when Rep. Mike Thompson, D-Calif., appeared.

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