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Source: CBS News

The Flat Earth movement: A society of disbelievers in scientific fact

Monday 02:24 GMT

Earth is actually "flatter than a pancake," said Nathan Thompson, part of a movement of people who call themselves Flat Earthers.

Patricia Steere, who is one of what you might call the "stars" of today's Flat Earth movement (which mostly orbits around YouTube), told Silva-Braga, "Probably most people who hear of it will laugh at it, think we're idiots.

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Source: Fox News

Trading Spaces' designer says show host wasn't the cause of his 'bum leg'

Sunday 17:14 GMT

"Trading Spaces" interior designer Doug Wilson has revealed that life on the set of the hit TLC series can be rough after he shared a photo of himself in a wheelchair while in the airport on Friday. Wilson blamed his wheelchair state on show host, Page Davis, and said in his Instagram post, "WHEEL CHAIR ASSISTANCE," the photo caption read.

Despite the elaborate story, Wilson later commented on his Instagram post and clarified that he and Davis were just joking around and she wasn't the actual cause of his "bum leg." The show designer wrote, "Hey everyone.

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Source: DW

Are astronauts stuck on the ISS A few questions and answers

Saturday 11:45 GMT

"You have to assume that, at the very latest, one of the two companies will be involved in the first quarter of next year ... to take astronauts to the ISS," Reiter said.

None of the space agencies involved in ISS operations want to see it, 400 kilometers (250 miles) above our heads, passing over us every 90 minutes like an abandoned, billion-dollar ghost ship. There are probably a million other issues that would or could crop up in microgravity, some of them foreseeable, some of them not.

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