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Virgin Galactic reaches edge of space

Friday 17:17 GMT

Virgin Galactic, which is charging $250,000 for a 90-minute flight, has said more than 600 people have bought tickets or put down deposits for an eventual voyage.

In 2008, Virgin Galactic first promised sub-orbital spaceflight trips for tourists would be taking place "within 18 months". He founded the commercial spaceflight company in 2004, shortly after Mr Musk started SpaceX and Jeff Bezos established Blue Origin.

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Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo tourism rocket reaches space for the first time

Friday 04:14 GMT

Virgin Galactic tweeted that SpaceShipTwo carried NASA payloads during the test, putting the spacecraft close to an approximate commercial weight. Reaching the edge of space represents a major milestone for Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic.

“Today, for the first time in history, a crewed spaceship, built to carry private passengers, reached space," said Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson, in the statement. "Today we completed our first revenue generating flight and our pilots earned their Commercial Astronaut Wings.

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NASA's Parker Solar Probe shares first up-close look at sun's atmosphere

Friday 01:31 GMT

NASA's Parker Solar Probe has made the closest-ever approach to a star (the sun) and shared an image of the sun's atmosphere on Twitter on Wednesday.

The Parker Solar Probe's WISPR instrument took the photo, in which Jupiter is seen as the bright object, according to NASA. The spacecraft also broke records for the fastest space probe, as it sends data back from its first solar encounter, Science News reported.

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'Creatures' in Jupiter's clouds NASA's Juno spacecraft captures images that stun the internet

Saturday 15:25 GMT

"A multitude of magnificent, swirling clouds in Jupiter's dynamic North North Temperate Belt is captured in this image from NASA's Juno spacecraft. Appearing in the scene are several bright-white “pop-up” clouds as well as an anticyclonic storm, known as a white oval," NASA explained in an online statement.

A cloud in the shape of a dolphin appears to be swimming through #Jupiter’s cloud bands in this series of color-enhanced images," NASA pointed out in a late November tweet, sharing a GIF of the images snapped by Juno. "The 'dolphin' feature is roughly 4,660 miles (7,500 kilometers) length," NASA later added.

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Virgin Galactic advances space tourism with successful test

Friday 15:25 GMT

(Reuters) - A Virgin Galactic rocket plane reached space on Thursday and returned safely to the California desert, capping off years of difficult testing to become the first U.S. commercial human flight to reach space since America’s shuttle program ended in 2011.

The test flight foreshadows a new era of civilian space travel that could kick off as soon as 2019, with British billionaire Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic battling other billionaire-backed ventures, like Amazon.com

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Virgin Galactic launches SpaceShipTwo to the edge of space

Friday 15:25 GMT

Virgin’s airplane-like SpaceShipTwo, designed to carry six passengers and two pilots on a brief trip to what some agencies consider the edge of space, took off on Thursday morning from California’s Mojave air and space port, about 90 miles (145 km) north of Los Angeles.

Virgin’s pilots are aiming to soar 50 miles into the sky – the US military and Nasa’s definition of the edge of space and high enough to earn commercial astronaut wings by the US Federal Aviation Administration.

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