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‘Several crucial flaws’: Report says FAA overlooked warnings on Boeing 737 MAX 8


The United States’ Federal Aviation Authority has come under fire over its relationship with Boeing amid safety concerns over 737 MAX 8 planes.

How the Boeing 737 MAX 8 involved in the Ethiopian Airlines crash is different from older 737s. And the resulting safety report from Boeing, according to the news outlet, contained “several crucial flaws.” The report understated the power of the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) flight control system.

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Source: Global News

Morneau pushes back at business concerns that budget overlooked competitiveness worries

Monday 15:25 GMT

Finance Minister Bill Morneau is pushing back at concerns from business groups that his most recent federal budget “failed to address the fundamental issues” facing Canadian companies.

WATCH BELOW: Scheer calls Trudeau budget a trick ‘out of Kathleen Wynne’s playbook’. ANALYSIS: Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s odd plan to help homebuyers won’t help with housing affordability. Some smaller concerns the Chamber said it had raised were addressed, but overall, the advocacy group said “any meaningful solutions to the greatest concerns of Canadian business owners” were overlooked. WATCH BELOW: How Trump’s tax cut could impact Canadian businesses, competitiveness. Grant Thornton LLP Canada, a business advisory firm, warned in its assessment of the budget that the government should have used the budget to go farther to support businesses to stay competitive on the world stage, saying, “it does not go far enough to bolster competitiveness for Canadian business.”

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Turn back time and get some tax deductions you may have missed out on

Today 01:30 GMT

If doing this year’s taxes made you wish you could go back in time and claim tax breaks you’ve realized you overlooked or forgot on an old tax return, then congratulations, McFly — time travel is possible at the IRS.

Filing or fixing a tax return for a prior year can get complicated quickly because in general you have to follow the tax rules for that particular tax year, Varner says. In many cases, the people who originally sent you those forms also probably sent a copy to the IRS, which means you might be able to get your hands on at least some of the information by requesting a free tax transcript from the IRS.

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