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Liberal budget will likely look to safeguard more of Canada’s ecosystems

Today 13:38 GMT

The federal government appears poised to commit what some believe could be a significant amount of cash in next week’s budget to protect more of Canada’s lands, inland waters and oceans.

Groups pushing Canada to fulfil its international vows to safeguard more of its ecosystems by 2020 say signals from Ottawa suggest this will be the year the government invests big in protected areas. It remains to seen how far the Liberal government will go to meet its targets under the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity – but the clock is ticking.

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Ontario tops Quebec for most electric cars sold in Canada for 2017

Today 10:53 GMT

Ontario wrestled the title from Quebec as the leading province for annual electric vehicle sales last year after spending tens of millions of dollars in subsidies.

READ MORE: Ottawa appoints panel aimed at getting more zero-emission cars on the road. Rather than push Quebec to match Ontario’s rebates, Electric Mobility Canada believes increased communication about the advantages and a growing number of models available for sale will bolster sales.

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Trans Mountain spat ‘is exactly why we have a federal government,’ Jagmeet Singh says

Monday 14:32 GMT

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh says the premiers of Alberta and British Columbia are each fulfilling their promises to constituents on the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, in spite of the fact that they now find themselves in direct conflict.

READ MORE: NEB green-lights work on Trans Mountain expansion in Burnaby despite opposition. Asked if he, like many members of the New Democratic Party, comes down on Horgan’s side, Singh said he believes the basic process for approving a project like Trans Mountain needs an overhaul.

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Quebec court to hear appeal of challenge to British royal succession law

Tuesday 14:32 GMT

The Quebec Court of Appeal is set to begin reviewing a case on Monday that challenges the rules governing the ascension to the British throne, and the result could have political consequences in Canada.

The two law professors from the Université de Laval are trying once again to get Canada’s law on royal succession declared unconstitutional. READ MORE: The Queen appoints first official black assistant in British royal history. The conflict dates back to 2011, when leaders of Commonwealth countries agreed to modify the rules so that a woman can become queen if she is the oldest heir to the throne.

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