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Why Perks No Longer Cut It for Workers

Saturday 13:37 GMT

“To us, it’s about going to work every day, making a contribution to something bigger than yourself, learning something new, having fun, being safe and going home happy,” he says.

The maker of QuickBooks and TurboTax invests heavily in teaching problem-solving and innovation skills to all of its nearly 9,000 workers, and encourages work teams to develop the closeness and trust needed to brainstorm freely.

1 Article
Source: BBC

Motability boss to go amid £1.9m bonus row

Saturday 14:31 GMT

The boss of Motability Operations is to step down by 2020 following criticism over his pay and a scathing review from the government's spending watchdog.

Moreover, efficient running of the scheme has ensured that prices are consistently 44% cheaper than any alternative."

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