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Denver teachers end three-day walkout after deal to raise pay 11%

Friday 16:21 GMT

Denver teachers ended a three-day walkout Thursday and returned to their classrooms after their union reached a tentative deal raising their pay as much as 11%.

The key sticking point of variable bonuses for teachers working in tougher environments was put off to be studied later try to determine if the bonuses help retain teachers in schools, the teachers’ union said. Superintendent Susana Cordova and teacher union president Henry Roman hugged after signing the tentative deal in a conference room in the main Denver library.

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Source: BBC

Boring office wellness alternatives that actually work

Today 03:19 GMT

From free snack bars to fridges stocked with chilled beers, gym memberships and time off for travel, more businesses are offering corporate wellness perks to attract and retain employees.

But, says Cartwright, instead of trying to make the office more like a home, employers should let people work from their own homes. “Most people that do flexible working do longer hours and feel a sense of gratitude to their employer,” she says.

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