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Source: Reuters

Tesla delays, tax credit concerns spur sales of Chevy Bolts

Today 00:36 GMT

GM dealers in California, the top U.S. market for electric vehicles, say brisk demand for Bolts is driven in part by frustrated Tesla buyers who are afraid they will lose a $7,500 electric vehicle tax credit if they wait.

Some potential buyers of Tesla’s long-delayed Model 3 sedan are concerned that they will miss out on big federal tax breaks and are looking for alternatives, including General Motors Co’s (GM.N) Chevrolet Bolt, according to postings by would-be Tesla buyers on websites and interviews with GM dealers.

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Source: Fox News

U.S. officials visit Utah man in Venezuelan jail, cite health concerns

Saturday 21:51 GMT

The agency, which has denounced the Venezuelan government for routinely denying U.S. consular officers visits with Joshua Holt at the Caracas jail where he is being held with his wife, a Venezuelan national, told Fox News that U.S. officials were able to see the 26-year-old man on Feb. 9.. “We continue to have grave concerns about Joshua Holt’s precarious health and lack of access to sufficient medical care,” the official said in a statement, on condition of anonymity.

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Source: CBS News

Concerns mount over Russia's influence in Eastern Europe

Saturday 16:21 GMT

CBS News contributor Alex Kliment, who writes for Signal, a newsletter produced by GZERO Media, spoke with CBSN's Anne-Marie Green Friday about why Russia's influence in the region is alarming from a geopolitical perspective.

Kliment said the bigger concern, however, is if Russia will use the "local ethnic split" to destabilize Bosnia "in a way that makes it impossible" to join NATO. There are fears Russia will train the officers, increasing the risk of conflict.

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Source: NBC News

EPA head Scott Pruitt says he flies first class due to security concerns

Thursday 20:57 GMT

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt spoke about his flight costs on Tuesday in a pair of interviews in New Hampshire, following a first-class flight to meet with the state's Republican governor and tour a toxic waste site.

The head of the Environmental Protection Agency has broken months of silence about his frequent premium-class flights at taxpayer expense, saying he needs to fly first class because of unpleasant interactions with other travelers.

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