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Source: DW

Wiped out: Town flushes final roll of 12-year toilet paper supply


It took 12 years for Bavaria's village of Fuchstal to run out of toilet paper, but "the last roll has now been used up," Mayor Erwin Karg told reporters on Tuesday.

Officials set up a four-person team to distribute the toilet paper in several public buildings, filling the attic of the local storage building as well all available closets and cabinets in local schools, the town hall and the firehouse.

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Source: Reuters

Syria's Assad struggles to reap spoils after military gains

Friday 08:05 GMT

The Russian military has provided some help with reconstruction projects but lobbying by Moscow has failed to persuade the international community to pay for long-term reconstruction.

In his speech, Assad said Syria faced four wars: the military conflict, economic “siege”, a struggle against corruption and what he described as a battle on social media where he said Syria’s enemies were waging a propaganda campaign. Addressing shortages of gas and other supplies, he acknowledged “the choking crisis” of late and likened economic sanctions to a war in which battles were lost and won.

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Source: BBC

Toilet roll firm stockpiles for Brexit

Today 09:55 GMT

One of the UK's major toilet tissue importers has been stockpiling to ensure it can maintain supplies in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Mr Docker said Wepa had seen a recent minimal increase in customer orders for toilet rolls, but nothing outside of normal monthly fluctuations.

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