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Source: The Guradian

Climbers brought in to help protect Notre Dame from elements

Today 10:50 GMT

Climbers have been brought in to unfurl protective tarpaulins over Notre Dame to protect it from the rain after the Parisian cathedral was left badly damaged and open to the elements by a fire last week.

The covering will only be temporary, with plans to replace it with a more sturdy protective “umbrella” that would remain in place throughout the work to restore Notre Dame, which took 200 years to build.

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Source: The Guradian

Victor Hugo gave Notre Dame life as the vibrant heart of France. It can be reborn

Tuesday 15:25 GMT

Victor Hugo was not enamoured with the title of Frederic Shoberl’s English translation of his 1831 novel Notre-Dame de Paris.

Through his vivid reflections on how its history has been written by masonry and glasswork, Hugo envisages Notre Dame as the heart of a dawning civilisation in which compassion and community could triumph over insularity and inequality. He made Sir Walter Scott’s successful model of historical fiction more lyrical and more philosophical in order to thicken and heighten his writing’s dramatic qualities.

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Source: DW

Opinion: Notre Dame is a symbol of Europe

Monday 10:49 GMT

When millions of euros in donations were pledged to restore Notre Dame Cathedral in the immediate aftermath of Monday's inferno, it's understandable that some might ask: Why is it that vast sums are readily available to rebuild cold stone walls, but not for people dying of hunger in Sudan?

Notre Dame has been captured in music — or at least in a musical style that was developed in and around the cathedral from 1160-1250.

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Firefighters who battled Notre Dame blaze honoured during Easter mass in Paris

Monday 15:24 GMT

The archbishop of Paris and Catholics from around France and the world honored the firefighters who saved Notre Dame Cathedral, praying Sunday at a special Easter Mass for a swift reconstruction of the beloved monument.

The fire that engulfed Notre Dame during Holy Week forced worshippers to find other places to attend Easter services, and the Paris diocese invited them to join Sunday’s Mass at the grandiose Saint-Eustache Church on the Right Bank of the Seine River.

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Opinion: Catholic Church has a duty to migrants, abuse victims

Monday 13:34 GMT

What say does the Church still have?For once, the many controversies that have surrounded the Roman Catholic Church — the sexual assault and abuse scandals, the infighting and competing alliances —were not on people's minds.

In recent days Pope Francis and the official papal preacher, Raniero Cantalamessa, have given this symbol a concrete meaning, in the form of young victims of abuse and desperate migrants.

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