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Dan Gainor: Taylor Swift sends her conservative fans a break-up note and the liberal media love it


Pop star Taylor Swift decided to shake off years of political speculation and come out against a female candidate and back a liberal man.

Swift declared that Tennessee Rep. Marsha Blackburn wasn’t liberal enough and that “her voting record in Congress appalls and terrifies me.”

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Sears Adds Restructuring Expert to Its Board

Wednesday 13:36 GMT

Sears Holdings Corp. SHLD -7.60% added a bankruptcy expert to its board of directors, another sign the embattled retailer is preparing for a complex restructuring.

The appointment comes as Sears Chairman and Chief Executive Edward Lampert, who is also Sears’s biggest lender and its controlling shareholder, is pushing the rest of the board to approve a rescue plan to avoid a bankruptcy filing. Mr. Carr previously served on the board of LightSquared, a telecom company that went through bankruptcy.

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Why investors shouldn’t fear the dominance of FAANG stocks

Wednesday 17:18 GMT

Because of the size of these companies — these three are the biggest stocks on the market in terms of their market capitalization, together accounting for 11.3% of the S&P’s market cap — investors have expressed concern that Wall Street has become overly reliant on them, and that broad indexes are vulnerable to a pullback in the event these stocks turn lower.

Back then, “The price return of the median stock lagged the index by 21% and earnings-per-share growth trailed by 19 percentage points.”

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Wall Street dealers absorb rising U.S. Treasury supply

Thursday 00:37 GMT

(Reuters) - Wall Street’s bond firms are sopping up a growing amount of Treasury debt as the U.S. government seeks to fund a rising budget deficit stemming from the massive tax cut enacted last December, Treasury Department data released on Tuesday showed.

As foreign purchases at Treasury auctions have waned, bond dealers have increased their buying, though they prefer to resell them quickly at a profit.

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Reporter's Notebook: The teacher who changed my world

Saturday 13:36 GMT

In our series, School Matters, we've been documenting how great teachers can help students chart a path to a better life and career.

He once assigned us a poem and when no one could define a word from the poem in class, he kicked us all out and said, "Come back when you've read it."

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Notes from the Fog by Ben Marcus review – brilliantly bleak short stories

Saturday 21:50 GMT

“As you live your life,” remarks one narrator in Ben Marcus’s brutal and brilliant story collection, “you will, on occasion, be cut open and explored. It is what life is, part of the routine.”

Reading this, you won’t be surprised by Marcus’s own description of his stories, given at a recent event in London: “Some are grave and bleak, some are graver and bleaker.”

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