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Ease or Squeeze U.S., Seoul Wrangle Over North Korea Policy

Friday 15:27 GMT

Friction is growing between South Korea and the U.S. over how best to persuade North Korea to give up its nuclear program, with Washington maintaining pressure and Seoul seeking to ease sanctions and reduce the North’s isolation.

A South Korean Foreign Ministry official said this week that Seoul would continue to coordinate with the U.S. on North Korea sanctions and would avoid unnecessary controversies.

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Source: The Week

Trump completes the American right's drift into consequentialism

Friday 08:05 GMT

While consequentialism is a complex theory with many thought-provoking variants (the trolley problem might momentarily seem solvable with utilitarianism in mind!), it has not traditionally been welcomed on the American right.

Less than two decades after deploring Clinton's failings, the language evangelicals in particular use to defend their support for Trump is pure consequentialism. "He knows how to run the country more like a business," so the argument goes, "and I'm not voting for him to be my Sunday school teacher."

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Top Iran expert says Tehran may seek to wait out Trump administration

Thursday 09:56 GMT

Even as debilitating U.S. sanctions targeting Iran's oil industry remain slated to snap back in November, Tehran may seek to maintain a status-quo arrangement with the West until the fate of the Trump presidency becomes clearer, according to top Iran expert Karim Sadjadpour.

"It seems that the Iranian strategy is essentially to wait out the Trump administration," Sadjadpour, a senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, said. "To wait what happens with the midterm elections, wait until 2020, to see if President Trump is reelected."

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