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Source: Fox News

'Shark! Shark!' Huge sunfish off North Carolina coast confused for predator during open-water race

Friday 07:00 GMT

North Carolinians who were cheering on swimmers during the final stretch of an open-water race off the coast of Wrightsville Beach over the weekend were shocked when a large dorsal fin sliced through the surface of the water, leading many to believe the creature was a shark.

SOUTH CAROLINA FISHERMAN SPOTS HUGE WHALE SHARK APPROACHING BOAT: ‘IT WAS PRETTY NEAT’. Before it was determined the creature was likely a sunfish, Jeno said swimmers had to wait roughly five minutes before they could “brave the sprint across once the coast was ‘clear.'"

1 Article
Source: Fox News

Chickenpox outbreak at North Carolina school with high anti-vaccination rate leaves dozens sick

Tuesday 22:45 GMT

At least 36 students at a North Carolina school with a heavy anti-vaccine population have been sickened following an outbreak of the chickenpox virus, health officials said.

The outbreak, formerly known as varicella, hit Asheville Waldorf School in Ashville, according to a news release from Buncombe County Health & Human Services. Health officials warned that the best way to prevent becoming infected with the virus is to be "fully immunized."

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