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UK's top toilet roll supplier stockpiling in case of no-deal Brexit

Today 08:04 GMT

One of the UK’s biggest suppliers of toilet and kitchen roll has been stockpiling about 3.5m rolls in UK warehouses in preparation for a no-deal Brexit.

The firm has decided to charter ships to take toilet and kitchen roll from a supplier in Naples to Swansea, rather than relying on trucks carrying its products via the Calais-Dover route. The company has also built six weeks’ supplies of the cardboard core used inside the rolls, as this cannot be sourced from the UK in sufficient quantities and is imported from EU countries in eastern Europe and Scandinavia.

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Source: BBC

Government spends £7m on no-deal ferries

Thursday 18:11 GMT

The government has paid £7m for its controversial extra ferry contracts which will be used in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Brittany Ferries and Danish ferry company DFDS will run the additional services after the government's deal with the third supplier it contracted - Seaborne Freight - collapsed. Shortly after it was awarded the contract, the BBC found out that Seaborne had no ships and had never run a ferry service.

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