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Why Nick Bosa erased his politics with a move to liberal San Francisco looming

Thursday 22:46 GMT

The former Ohio State pass-rusher is expected to be selected second overall on Thursday night by the San Francisco 49ers, Kaepernick’s former team, though there is still a chance he will be taken with the first overall pick.

Take a trip through Nick Bosa’s social media accounts and you will find something interesting: the projected No2 overall pick has been deleting tweets and Instagram likes in the run-up to the NFL draft.

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NFL Draft: Underclassmen who go undrafted face unforgiving career path

Thursday 21:50 GMT

The 2019 NFL Draft includes dozens of college football underclassmen who forfeited their remaining amateur eligibility for a shot at professional stardom, in many cases delaying their college degrees, even though many will end up without a job by Saturday night.

The NFL takes steps to educate underclassmen about the realities of the draft process through its College Outreach program, which includes presentations on how NFL teams scout players and how difficult it is to earn a roster spot for even a few years.

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Loch Ness monster mystery solved Study claims ancient dinosaur discovery influenced delusion

Thursday 17:16 GMT

Now, a new study suggests that the legend of the Loch Ness monster and other long-necked "sea monsters" may have been influenced by something very real and even more terrifying — dinosaurs.

Published in the scientific journal Earth Sciences History, the study theorizes that the sea serpent reports of the early 19th century were heavily influenced by early dinosaur fossil discovery. "Over the last 200 years, there is indeed evidence of a decline in serpentiform sea serpent reports and an increase in the proportion of reports with necks but there is no evidence for an increase in the proportion of mosasaur-like reports," the study's abstract reads.

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UN adopts resolution on rape in conflicts after US threatens veto

Wednesday 19:04 GMT

The UN Security Council bowed to pressure from the United States after it threatened to veto a German-drafted resolution on rape in conflict.

The UN Security Council on Tuesday adopted a watered-down, German-drafted resolution on sexual violence in conflicts, after last minute amendments were added to appease the United States. The United States had threatened a veto due to references to "sexual and reproductive health care" for survivors of rape and abuse in wartime, saying the wording amounted to support for abortion.

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NFL Draft 2019: The colourful and controversial Combine questions faced by prospects

Wednesday 09:54 GMT

Where the top college American football players prove themselves to NFL teams before being drafted into some of the richest locker rooms in sport.

The questions in the interview section, in which coaching staff from the NFL's 32 teams quiz prospects on playbooks and personal lives, can be the most puzzling. Menelik Watson went through Combine in 2013 before being picked up in the second round by the Oakland Raiders a couple of months later.

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Sexual violence against women in conflict in the spotlight

Wednesday 14:31 GMT

Jolie went on to co-found thePreventing Sexual Violence in Conflict Initiative, which claims as its mission that it "aims to raise awareness of the extent of sexual violence against women, men, girls and boys in situations of armed conflict and rally global action to end it," in 2014 and remains an active supporter of programs and government initiatives addressing the issue.

Actor and activist Angelina Jolie has long been advocating for victims of rape and other forms of sexual violence in war zones.

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