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Source: Fox News

Promising Ivy League student, 19, killed in opioid crisis

Today 06:05 GMT

Kyle Bellitto, a lawyer, and her husband, Glenn Bellitto, 59, a finance professional — both with Harvard degrees — of the leafy Bronxville, a Westchester suburb in New York where the median household income is $200,000 a year, learned the hard way when their 19-year-old Ivy League son died in December of a suspected opioid overdose, The New York Post reported.

Their son, Gage, who would have turned 20 on Christmas 2017, was a Columbia University transfer looking to study economics.

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Source: The Guradian

With Carrie and Samantha’s spat, we finally get to watch the real Sex and the City 3

Saturday 08:06 GMT

Last week, Carrie and Samantha’s long-running battle went from being just a virtual rumour and became part of virtual reality (yes, good pun) when Samantha told her followers on Instagram exactly where Carrie could stick her condolences for the recent death of Samantha’s brother, and it wasn’t anywhere Chanel made accessories for.

(“Honey, if you’re talking to a man called Piers you’ve reached the end of the pier,” Carrie could have warned her, if Samantha and Carrie still spoke to one another). Now, as all fans of Sex and the City know, nothing good ever comes from taking the show out of New York City (don’t even mention the Los Angeles episode, and let’s not even say the words “Abu Dhabi”), but Samantha was not for turning.

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