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Source: The Week

How deficits could save global growth

Today 08:59 GMT

The thing is, repairing the world's economic engine will require doing something that might seem totally counterintuitive: National surpluses — in both fiscal budgets and trade flows — are going to need to turn into deficits for key countries.

Combine the two, and the "twin surplus" countries aren't just sucking demand out of their own economies, they're sucking demand out of the rest of the world as well.

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Source: The Guradian

Can Emmanuel Macron’s ‘great national debate’ save his presidency?

Today 06:05 GMT

Earlier this month, in an open letter to French citizens, President Emmanuel Macron suggested that introducing immigration quotas might help address the gilets jaunes crisis.

He is trying to implement emergency policy measures to end the gilets jaunes crisis that has shaken his presidency – hence his two-month national grassroots consultation, launched by his open letter. Here again, it’s easy to see only the tip of the iceberg: the popular complaint against taxes and low purchasing power that lit the initial flame.

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Source: The Guradian

Venezuela street clashes and military unrest pile pressure on Maduro

Wednesday 19:05 GMT

A foiled military uprising, violent protests across the capital, and planned nationwide marches led by an emboldened opposition; Venezuela’s embattled president Nicolás Maduro has survived threats to his power before, but this week is could be the most difficult yet.

Early on Monday, 27 national guardsman were arrested after allegedly attempting to mount an uprising, in a sign that he may be losing the backing of the military – long regarded as the power broker in Venezuela.

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Source: Global News

Violence breaks out after reported mutiny by national guard unit in Venezuela

Tuesday 12:40 GMT

Security forces have fired tear gas against protesters in a poor neighbourhood just 3 kilometres from Venezuela’s presidential palace after an apparent uprising by a national guard unit.

“You asked to take to the streets to defend the constitution, well here we are,” he said in a video shot at night in which several heavily armed men and a national guard truck can be seen in the background. Authorities arrested a group of military officials for stealing weapons from a national guard outpost, the government said in a statement Monday.

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Source: Al Jazeera

What’s being done to prevent disappearances of Native American women?

Monday 12:40 GMT

The legacy of disproportionate violence and disappearances regarding Native American women continues to scar indigenous communities in the United States.

In this episode of The Stream, we ask: Why are Native women more likely to become victims of violent crime and what should be done to protect them? On this episode of the The Stream, we speak with: Jacqueline Keeler @jfkeeler Diné & Dakota writer tiyospayenow.blogspot.com

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Source: DW

Mexico sets new murder record with more than 33,000 killed in 2018

Tuesday 23:46 GMT

With drug-related crimes and gang violence rife across Mexico, investigators opened 33,341 murder probes in 2018, setting a new record, according to the latest data published by the nation's authorities.

Mexico saw more murders in 2018 than any other year since nationwide records began some two decades ago, according to the country's interior ministry. Mexico might soon get a national guard tasked with combating crime.

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