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Justin Bieber breaks music hiatus, joins Ariana Grande on Coachella stage

Today 08:05 GMT

During the closing night of the annual Coachella festival, Ariana Grande had something special in store for not only her fans, but the Beliebers of the world too.

In the midst of his indefinite hiatus from music — joined the Thank U, Next singer onstage for an explosive performance of his 2015 hit, Sorry. “I haven’t been onstage in like two years,” said Bieber, 25. “I came out here and had no idea I was going to be on this stage tonight.”

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will.i.am and Sérgio Mendes on how they made Mas Que Nada

Tuesday 09:54 GMT

I came up with stuff like, “Mas que nada / Black Eyed Peas came to make it hotter / We be the party starters / Bubblin’ up just like lava.”

Obá obá obá!”, is a sort of Brazilian-version of “La, la, la.” Sérgio taught me how millions of Africans who were brought to the Americas ended up in Brazil, and how that chant reflects the African influence on Brazil.

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Moves like Jagger: Mick Jagger's partner debuts Rolling Stones-themed dance

Monday 12:39 GMT

The recovering rocker made a stealth appearance at the ballet, slipping backstage to support his partner, Melanie Hamrick, as she presented her new dance based on Rolling Stones songs.

"Hi everybody, this is Mick Jagger here," he said, congratulating YAGP on its anniversary and adding: "I hope you are going to enjoy this wonderful ballet — and the music of course." The 75-year-old rocker recently underwent medical treatment, reportedly for a heart valve issue, forcing postponement of the Stones' No Filter tour.

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