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How listening to music could be harming the planet

Monday 23:39 GMT

Streaming is the most popular way people listen to music, but old formats like cassettes and vinyl have both seen an increase in sales in recent years.

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John Grant: ‘Music has been a healing balm for me’

Monday 05:08 GMT

I’ve lived in Iceland for about seven years and I’ve got a flat in Reykjavik that I’ve just started to put pictures up in after a year of living there.

We’d have fumblings when we had sleepovers and then in the morning he’d want to talk about it and I literally could not say a word. He wrote me a letter saying: “I don’t think we’re sick like they say,” and I felt more anxious than I ever have.

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Alan Cross’ weekly music picks: New Avril and Alexisonfire will warm you up

Saturday 09:54 GMT

The combination of all these influences caught the attention of the music supervisor of Killing Eve, which featured some of their music.

Anchored on drums by Joey Armstrong, son of Green Day’s Billie Joe (the band is joined on tour by bassist Jakob Danger Armstrong, Joey’s brother), SWMRS have been releasing music since 2011. For this EP, though, they’ve let loose with satiric shots at Trumpers and Brexiters (Give Stupidity a Chance), the increasing gap between the rich and poor (What Are We Going to Do About the Rich?) and the scourge of social media.

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In a spin: Brexit spells trouble for UK vinyl industry

Sunday 13:34 GMT

Fast forward to today and vinyl sales in the UK have increased twentyfold, even outperforming downloads (4.2 million vinyl albums were sold in the UK last year) and are projected to keep on rising, thanks in part to acclaimed artists like the Arctic Monkeys or Jack White flying the flag for vinyl.

For vinyl lovers the act of placing the needle on a record and anticipating the crackle before the first bars ring out is a sensory and sensual thrill.

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Ja Rule wants to put on another music festival after Fyre fail

Saturday 18:09 GMT

Ja Rule has revealed that he hopes to stage another “iconic” event, following his involvement in the disastrous Fyre Festival, which was billed as an ultra-luxurious music festival set against a Bahamian backdrop but descended into abject chaos.

Following the release of Netflix’s Fyre Festival documentary, the rapper insists that he wants to create another festival. WATCH BELOW: Fyre Festival descends into chaos, frustration, leaving rich festivalgoers angry. He said that he hasn’t watched the Netflix or Hulu documentary about the failed festival.

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