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JPMorgan Chase tests neuroscience-based video games to recruit interns

Tuesday 04:14 GMT

JPMorgan Chase & Co is testing neuroscience-based video games to help recruit interns, as it seeks to increase the diversity of its workforce by broadening its candidate pool.

Over the past few months, entry level employees at JPMorgan across the world played the pymetrics’ games, which were then played by hundreds of candidates for a limited number of full-time roles, Mitro said. Mitro said employment history is a good indicator of fit for experienced workers, but with recent college graduates, resumes have less predictive value.

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Lenders and travelers stick with Ethiopian Airlines, for now

Wednesday 11:46 GMT

Financiers, passengers and industry partners are, for now, still backing Ethiopian Airlines’ quest to become Africa’s dominant carrier, despite a March 10 crash that killed 157 people.

For the present, however, passenger confidence in Ethiopian Airlines, long regarded as one of the most reliable in Africa, has remained steady, according to the company. Although crash inquiries focus on preventing future accidents rather than attributing liability, any findings that the carrier fell short in plane maintenance or piloting could be damaging.

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Future Returns: What Would the Green New Deal Mean to Investors?

Thursday 10:50 GMT

Senate Republicans are expected to bring The Green New Deal—proposed by New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Ed Markey—up for a vote the week of March 25, when the Senate returns from its one-week recess.

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