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Source: Fox News

'Gaffe Machine' Joe Biden Says He's 'The Most Qualified Person in the Country to be President'

Wednesday 23:41 GMT

Former Vice President Joe Biden admitted he is a "gaffe machine" but said he is the "most qualified person in the country" to be president. "I am a gaffe machine, but my God what a wonderful thing compared to a guy who can’t tell the truth," Biden said at a University of Montana event.

John Dingell, Longest Serving Rep in History, Calls for Abolition of Senate, Electoral College. George P. Bush: Mourning Grandfather's Death Shows That Americans 'Can Find Commonality'. "The Five" on Tuesday played another clip of Biden in Danville, Va. on the North Carolina border, where he famously claimed that Republicans will "put you all back in chains" in an apparent reference to slavery. Jesse Watters said Biden's pitch in an increasingly far-left Democratic party is that he could promise "repair institutions" purportedly destroyed by President Trump.

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Source: The Guradian

How Native American tribes are bringing back the bison from brink of extinction

Today 20:57 GMT

Belonging to the Assiniboine and Sioux tribes of Fort Peck Reservation, the 340 bison is the largest conservation herd in the ongoing bison restoration efforts by North America’s Indigenous people.

One of these was the bison: the government viewed slaughtering the great herds en-masse as a way to starve and devastate Native American tribes. And the US government made the fateful decision to cripple the Native Americans through whatever means necessary.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte