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SurveyMonkey seeks to prove it can prosper on its own after rival sells for $8 billion


SurveyMonkey Inc.’s first quarter as a public company was a bit better than expected, as the “freemium” survey software company gained more corporate customers, but did little to answer one big question.

The question became more complex after rival Qualtrics agreed to be purchased by SAP SE on Sunday for a whopping $8 billion. Could SurveyMonkey eventually be worth that much, or could it be worth a lot more to a software company looking to diversify?

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Monkeys in Florida carrying deadly herpes virus could double by 2022, experts say

Thursday 22:45 GMT

The rhesus macaques monkeys found in Silver Spring State Park, located in the central part of the Sunshine State, could likely nearly double by 2022, scientists recently wrote in the journal Wildlife Management.

A growing wild monkey population in central Florida has experts on edge, as these primates are carriers of the dangerous Herpes B virus that can cause severe brain damage and even death in humans.

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Monkey kills baby boy in Indian city

Friday 05:10 GMT

"The monkey bit the infant's head and only dropped him when people chased it with sticks and threw stones at it," he said. This is the latest incident in a series of monkey attacks in the area.

Some local organisations have been calling for monkeys to be sterilised and excluded from wildlife protection legislation, he added.

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