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Suze Orman says you need $5 million to retire — which is nonsense

Today 07:08 GMT

Author and personal-finance guru Suze Orman ruffled a lot of feathers in a recent podcast, saying that people need $5 million — maybe even $10 million — in order to retire.

Orman was responding to a question about the “financial independence, retire early,” or “FIRE,” movement, a growing online trend in which people in their 30s or younger just stop working. Generally, these folks aim much lower — more like $1 million or so — then adjust their cost of living downward.

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'This is blood money': Tate shuns Sacklers – and others urged to follow

Today 14:28 GMT

Moore said: “He wanted to be able to go to cocktail parties, charity functions and country clubs again without people coming up to him and saying, ‘Aren’t you the guys in the business of killing people?’. “This is a little different because it’s a drug company and maybe they did some good – but they did an awful lot of bad.”

On Thursday, the Tate group announced it would not take any more donations from the Sacklers, the family whose most prominent billionaire members own the company that makes OxyContin, a prescription painkiller implicated in America’s opioids crisis.

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Turning off the lights and promoting clean energy could save money — and lives

Thursday 20:56 GMT

Turning off light switches and unplugging appliances could be all it takes to save almost 500 lives and prevent some 127,000 asthma cases annually, according to a new study on what can be saved, besides money, with increased energy efficiency.

It said 475 lives could be saved and 127,600 asthmas cases could be avoided by increased energy efficiency, which leads to fewer power plant emissions and cleaner air.

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Don’t pay kids to do chores — common money mistakes parents make

Today 10:49 GMT

“If you do decide to pay your kids for doing the dishes, you run the risk that your child is going to decide that the money you’re offering simply isn’t worth it, in which case they might decide to opt out of that particular chore — a situation that can be pretty frustrating for you as a parent.” “Since allowance should be tied to a budget, parents [should] oversee the spending to help assure the child is spending the money accordingly and make corrections and suggestions if they are mismanaging their spending,” said Schafer.

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My dying friend wants to marry me so I can have his Social Security — should I do it?

Saturday 05:09 GMT

If he wants a beloved friend to benefit from his Social Security after he dies, money that he has earned during his lifetime, that’s actually a beautiful thing.

This woman’s friend has Stage IV lung disease and made her a generous offer that she may refuse. Please do not hammer me for presenting this idea. I understand many people feel strongly about the meaning of marriage.

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Money dysmorphia: why I can't let myself have nice things

Thursday 23:39 GMT

I worry that if I actually let myself accept that I have money now, it will be even more of a shock if poverty does come.

So I realize that the mental acrobatics I do around spending on myself aren’t just about needless fretting that my bank balance is precariously low – part of the reason I don’t want to buy a $400 jacket is that I just don’t think that I deserve a $400 jacket.

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Even smart people make these money mistakes

Friday 02:25 GMT

Schlesinger, a CBS News business analyst and author of “The Dumb Things Smart People Do With Their Money,” admits to financial missteps as well, including waiting for “just the right moment” to invest and missing a big jump in the stock market. “We’re emotional animals, not just rational ones,” Schlesinger says.

They can sell you an investment that costs more or performs worse than an alternative, simply because it puts more money in their pocket.

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Seattle homeless crisis: Historic cemetery overrun with drugs and prostitution amid worsening problem

Saturday 08:59 GMT

Seattle’s homeless crisis has reached such catastrophic levels that a north-side cemetery has become home to drug abuse, drug dealing and prostitution.

It’s just absolutely tragic that we have people who are living inside of a cemetery, that are dealing drugs outside of a cemetery, and are running prostitution in a cemetery, but you see it on the streets all over Seattle.” Hoffman, who is running for city council, then took aim at “non-performing non-profits” for not doing enough to combat the crisis and revealed what he believes is the first step to turn back the tide.

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Trump's border wall money may come at expense of schools for...

Thursday 23:40 GMT

The U.S. Department of Defense is proposing to pay for President Donald Trump’s much-debated border wall by shifting funds away from projects that include $1.2 billion for schools, childcare centers and other facilities for military children, according to a list it has provided to lawmakers.

The current school serves 108 and has an “extensive waiting list,” according to Air Force budget documents which say that if a school is not built “children will be turned away,” “directly impacting support of the F-35 mission, morale, and welfare.”

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How this couple paid off more than $100,000 in debt

Saturday 08:04 GMT

As their relationship turned romantic, the Duluth, Minnesota, couple blended their budgets and began tackling debt as a team.

(With debt snowball, you pay off the smallest debt first, then roll the amount you were paying toward your bigger debts.) Jamie: Seeing a mountain of debt and being able to chip away at it and celebrate successes along the way was really motivating for us.

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Toronto’s real-estate market risky for money laundering, with $28B in opaque investments: report

Friday 15:25 GMT

It is not just Vancouver’s skyrocketing real-estate market that is being exploited by criminal cash and professional money launderers.

A new report by Transparency International Canada has found Toronto’s much larger market faces massive floods of opaque cash, with $28.4 billion invested in Greater Toronto Area housing since 2008, through corporations. Secret police study finds crime networks could have laundered over $1B through Vancouver homes in 2016. But it is transnational crime syndicates that have the power to really move Canadian real-estate prices in high-risk money-laundering havens like Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, a fact that was recognized this week by Finance Canada in a proposal for a new national anti-money-laundering task force.

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