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Source: The Guradian

'They wanted to see if I could take a punch without crying': female boxers' battle stories

Tuesday 15:25 GMT

Brown got her professional licence in 1998, only the second woman to do so, and female boxers were only admitted into the Olympics in 2012 (when, of course, Britain’s Nicola Adams took the flyweight gold).

“The trainer basically said: I just need to see if you can take a punch without crying, if you’re going to stay upright. “I remember the first time they put me in the ring to spar with a girl who was really experienced,” she says.

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Source: Fox News

Columbine survivor on moments of shooting: 'I completely disassociated'

Sunday 16:19 GMT

On the 20th anniversary of the Columbine High School massacre, one of the survivors, Austin Eubanks, described to Fox News how he handled the tragedy which left him wounded and his best friend dead.

"Everybody has an emotional attachment to Columbine and I think unfortunately, for those who are mentally deranged or unstable, it's created this fascination."

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