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6 memorable moments from the Baftas

Monday 21:52 GMT

There's only one thing we all really want to know about the Baftas: What would that trophy look like if you dipped it in some bright blue hair dye?

With the Golden Globes and the Baftas out the way for another year, awards season is now firmly rattling awards the Oscars next month - the biggest night in the Hollywood calendar. There were no big surprises at this year's Baftas and the bookies were pretty much spot on with the odds that saw Three Billboards take five awards and The Shape of Water three.

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From ER to The Sopranos: what were the most shocking TV deaths?

Monday 21:52 GMT

Functioning as both a shocking twist and rather callous statement that No-One Is Safe, it gave the slick drama an instant patina of edginess while generating a record-breaking number of complaints.

Alternatively, TV deaths are long drawn-out storylines, with a character suffering an illness that conveniently fits into a single-season story arc. You probably don’t know anyone who was ever killed by an ice dragon, for example.

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A portrait of artist Amy Sherald

Monday 14:32 GMT

The story of the artist who painted the former first lady is the story Alex Wagner has to tell: . Last week, Amy Sherald went from being a virtual unknown to one of the most talked-about artists in the world.

On Monday her painting of Michelle Obama was unveiled at the National Portrait Gallery, alongside Kehinde Wiley's portrait of President Barack Obama. Portrait unveiling of former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C., Feb. 12, 2018.

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Source: Washington Post

This Olympian hadn’t seen her mom in four years. Then she looked in the stands.

Sunday 18:11 GMT

What happened to Katie Uhlaender this weekend was amazing — that’s what she said when it was over — but at first it was also unexpected, startling even, because there she was at the start line, bodysuit on, helmet on, game face on, and then she looked up.

Only now she’d made eye contact with her mother, and her mother was crying, and Uhlaender was nearly crying, and just as the first of her four heats was beginning, Uhlaender was thinking about that face, and the love she saw in her mother’s expression, and how it had been four years since the two of them had last seen one another or talked.

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Source: Fox News

Olympic fans confused, upset with NBC for not airing historic figure skating moment in primetime broadcast

Saturday 11:47 GMT

With everyone excited to tune into NBC’s coverage of the men’s figure skating competition on Thursday’s primetime broadcast, they were upset to see skiing on the network rather than the record-setting performance by American skater Vincent Zhou.

Commentator Johnny Weir explained to fans that all 30 of the men competing in the skating competition would be broadcast on NBC Sports Network, with highlights to be shown at a later time on the regular network.

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Source: Reuters

'America's sweetheart' Rippon has his Olympic moment

Sunday 09:00 GMT

If Pyeongchang proves to be Adam Rippon’s figure skating swan song then “America’s sweetheart” will look back on the Winter Games without an ounce of regret.

After landing a bronze as part of the team competition earlier in the week, Rippon placed 10th in the men’s singles competition on Saturday and said he would take some time to decide whether he will hang up his skates. “I think at first I need a five-minute break and a really stiff drink and then maybe, like a day or two off the ice, at least to dry out my costumes, and then we’ll see,” he said.

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In what is probably his final Olympic run, John Daly comes in 16th yet satisfied

Saturday 04:16 GMT

The night before what will probably be the final runs of his Olympic skeleton career placed him 16th in the men’s skeleton final Friday, American racer John Daly posted a message on Twitter about the run he once thought would be his last.

“What I will remember are the memories made, the friendships I’ll cherish,” Daly wrote in his post, “and the fact that I held my head high, put on my helmet one more time, and tried.”

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A-wokening: is pop culture’s political surge a movement or a moment?

Sunday 07:00 GMT

“It seems like the only thing a certain segment of pop culture is able to say right now is: ‘Ooh, gosh, isn’t it so crazy?’” he sighs.

At the time of writing, Timberlake’s album is at No 1 on the top of the Billboard album charts, and Say Something is set to be its biggest hit.

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