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Source: BBC

Stories of heroism emerge from NZ attacks


He is the only person charged with carrying out the shootings and is believed to have acted alone, according to Commissioner Bush.

Where at least 41 people were killed - six minutes after an emergency call, Police Commissioner Mike Bush said, and the gunman was in custody within 36 minutes.

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Source: Global News

India and Pakistan threatened to trade missile strikes after Kashmir attack: sources

Monday 16:21 GMT

The sparring between India and Pakistan last month threatened to spiral out of control and only interventions by U.S. officials, including National Security Advisor John Bolton, headed off a bigger conflict, five sources familiar with the events said.

At one stage, India threatened to fire at least six missiles at Pakistan, and Islamabad said it would respond with its own missile strikes “three times over”, according to Western diplomats and government sources in New Delhi, Islamabad and Washington.

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Source: The Guradian

Saudi crown prince allegedly stripped of some authority

Tuesday 05:09 GMT

The heir to the Saudi throne has not attended a series of high-profile ministerial and diplomatic meetings in Saudi Arabia over the last fortnight and is alleged to have been stripped of some of his financial and economic authority, the Guardian has been told.

The relationship between the king and his son has been under scrutiny since the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, which was alleged to have been ordered by Prince Mohammed and provoked international condemnation of the crown prince.

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