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This Nike ad showing a woman’s underarm hair is making some people very uncomfortable

Today 00:35 GMT

The Nike Women Instagram account posted an ad featuring Nigerian-American singer Annahstasia modeling one of the brand’s sports bras — and with her curly underarm hair on full display — captioned with “Big mood.”

When a brand like Nike shows female models with underarm hair, M.A.C. shows female models with whiskers, or Billie shows other women with hair on their stomachs — or Bella Thorne confidently flashes her underarm hair on the beach — it assures women that their body hair is perfect natural, and even nothing to be ashamed of.

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Source: Fox News

Instagram butt model enlists doctor to prove derrière is real deal

Thursday 23:39 GMT

In a video posted to her Instagram account, the model is standing in thong underwear with her rear end facing Beverly Hills-based doctor Ashkan Ghavami, who first describes his patient’s pert profile.

“Making history w/ @drghavami Thank you to world renowned expert Dr. Ghavami for helping me show my followers that my booty is REAL and for being the first certified real booty! The 19-year-old influencer says she’s tired of followers accusing her of faking her gifted glutes, and brought in a “renowned” plastic surgeon to prove it.

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Tesla investigating video appearing to show Model S bursting into flames

Tuesday 18:10 GMT

Video of a parked Tesla Inc Model S exploding and a Wall Street downgrade of the electric carmaker’s stock pushed shares down 4 per cent on Monday, as it prepared to issue results for a troubled first quarter.

Minnesota man allegedly steals Tesla Model 3 vehicle with smartphone app. “One lesson I learnt from the Shanghai self-exploding Tesla: Don’t park your car next to a Tesla,” said one commentator.

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